A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1876

As he spoke, he had already walked in front of Zhou Tao and the others. These sacred masters of the innate realm looked at him closely, but did not dare to act rashly. Now Lin Ziming’s strength has already made them feel a little bit. fear.
And until the two Innate Realm Dzogchen masters had no orders, they kept their soldiers still.
Lin Ziming asked Zhou Tao directly, “Are all the people of the Holy Religion here?”
Zhou Tao nodded, “Well, the believers in this action should all be here.”
“Yeah.” Lin Ziming nodded, and then said: “Then kill them all.”
He said this sentence extremely flat and natural, as if he was not talking about killing, but just talking about a very common, but established fact!
When everyone heard Zhou Tao, their blood boiled over!
Such a simple sentence seems to be just saying, slapping a group of flies to death, too domineering.
They face the sacred religion and have been deflated repeatedly. Where have they ever raised their eyebrows like this?
At this moment, their worship of Lin Ziming reached its extreme.
Ayaru laughed immediately, as if he had just heard a big joke, “Kill us? Just rely on you ants?”
Another master of Innate Realm Dzogchen with the face of an Oriental stared at Lin Ziming coldly. He didn’t deny that Lin Ziming was very powerful. Just a stone, he shot through an Innate Realm.
But what about it?
It can only show that Lin Ziming’s hands are very strong, plus the element of sneak attack just now, it can’t explain much.
The most important thing is that the strength of their mission this time cannot be underestimated.
In addition to the two great masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen he and Ayelu, there are more than ten masters of Innate Realm, all of which are first-class masters. They abuse a small group of falcons, and they have nothing to do with dog abuse. do not.
Now even if one more Lin Ziming came out, the same result would be achieved.
He began to speak, accompanied by a sneer, “Many arm blocks the car, overwhelmingly.”
Then, he snapped his fingers and began to order his men to take action directly to annihilate the Falcon team.
And he exchanged a glance with Ayelu, and then together launched the fiercest attack on Lin Ziming.
Their speed can be said to be reaching the extreme, and their cooperation is extremely close. Two people fight into the smile of one person, and the power they exert is definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two.
“Chief instructor, be careful!”
When Zhou Tao saw this situation, he was nervously shocked and reminded Lin Ziming.
However, Lin Ziming’s expression on his face did not change at all for the siege of these two great congenital realm Dzogchen masters, and he still looked very lazy, obviously he didn’t put them in his eyes.
It is too late to say, and within a blink of an eye, these two Innate Realm Great Perfection masters have already arrived in front of Lin Ziming, separated into a front and a back position, blocking Lin Ziming’s walk together. Bit.
And punch Lin Ziming!
This punch directly hit 90% of their strength, and the angle was extremely tricky, they didn’t believe Lin Ziming could dodge it.
Once hit, with their power, even a building will have to be punched by them!
Lin Ziming’s mouth was slightly raised at this time, and there was no dodge, as if his reaction was slow, he actually let the opponent’s fist hit him abruptly!

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