A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1882

They will never forget that many years ago, it was Her Royal Highness who defeated the evil sacred organization with her own power to ensure the safety and stability of the people.
Her Royal Highness is not only their leader, but also their hero, their faith!
Today is the grandson of the Queen’s grandson, and it is also the time when Her Royal Highness officially leaves the customs, so as long as the Eagle Dog has the status of the State, all the dignitaries who are eligible to participate are here!
Lin Ziming also knew the grand engagement ceremony in advance, so he was already there before the banquet started.
Such an engagement ceremony is extremely solemn and solemn. The entire royal family has used the highest level of protection and directly dispatched an elite force of more than 10,000 people to take charge of the security of the engagement ceremony!
If anyone dares to make trouble here, there is really only one end, death.
These elite troops are not ordinary soldiers, but super special forces. Each of them has the ability to fight one enemy ten, among which marksmanship is even better.
Even if you are a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, you don’t dare to make trouble in such a place!
Not to mention, there is also a Queen of the God Realm.
Originally such a high-level banquet, ordinary people would definitely not be able to enter, and it needs to be tested one after another.
If there is no invitation, it is absolutely not allowed to come in.
But for Lin Ziming, none of this was a problem. He almost came in easily without knowing it.
He came to participate with only one purpose, which is to find Her Royal Highness.
Believe that Her Royal Highness also knows that he has arrived.
Now that he is away from the God-passing realm, there is only the last layer of membrane left. Even if it is against the real God-passing realm, he is sure to hit a dozen!
Of course, he didn’t come here to fight with Her Royal Highness, he just used the qualification of the Kung Fu Cup champion to ask Her Royal Highness for advice.
He had a hunch that he would benefit greatly from seeking her Royal Highness this time.
“Hey, why is there an Oriental here? Who is this?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before.”
“It may be a guest of the Alexander family.”
“Isn’t it said that the physique of the Orientals is very small, this Oriental is quite tall and has a good temperament.”
“No matter how the Easterners have temperament, how can they compare to our noble eagle dog countrymen? Our eagle dog countrymen are the most noble race in the world.”
“This is a fact.”
After Lin Ziming came in, some dignitaries from the Eagle Dog Nation around saw him, and they all had doubts about him, not knowing where he came out.
At the same time, they also expressed their superiority.
They sincerely believe that the Eagle Dog Country is the noblest race in the world, and the nobleman among mankind.
Lin Ziming didn’t feel any sense of their inexplicable superiority. He had known the virtues of the Eagle Dog country a long time ago.
After a while, he heard a cheer.
“Look, it’s Prince William coming out!”
Lin Ziming looked in their direction, and he saw Prince William in a tuxedo. Surrounded by many people, he strode out with pride and a brilliant smile on his face. He was really a prince. The tolerance.
But Lin Ziming remembered how embarrassed he faced the killer that day.

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