A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1883

The current Prince William is full of spirits and demeanor. Where is the embarrassment and frustration of the past?
He is admired by thousands of people, and he is extremely beautiful.
Also, his embarrassment and uselessness that day was only seen by Lin Ziming and Alice. None of these people had seen his embarrassment, let alone his greed and fear of death, and thought he was the noble in his mind. His Royal Highness the Prince.
Lin Ziming smiled lightly when he saw him like this, and didn’t show him through.
For Lin Ziming, Prince William is nothing more than an ant, and he can’t even take any interest in him.
It was that Alice wanted to marry such a person, which made him a little bit sorry. It was not what he thought of Alice, but Prince William was not worthy of Alice.
Of course, this is Alice’s business. As an outsider, he has no right to be nosy.
He stood in the corner, drinking wine quietly, waiting for the arrival of Her Royal Highness.
Vaguely, he had already felt the aura of the Queen’s Royal Highness, it seemed that he was not far away, but he hadn’t come to this castle.
Moreover, I don’t know if it is his illusion. In his perception, the breath of Her Royal Highness seems to be somewhat weak?
Could it be that her Royal Highness was injured?
This thought flashed through his mind, and he didn’t want to think too much. Firstly, the Queen’s strength is superb and should not be injured. Secondly, when he came this time, he was only asking about the Queen’s experience, the situation of the Queen, and him. Doesn’t matter.
Prince William enjoys this environment very much. He is the focus of the audience and the most honorable person in the audience. He accepts the admiration of the people and makes him think that he is the real son, and his identity is more noble than anyone in the world!
Except for the Queen, he is the most noble. Moreover, the Queen is now old. After a few years, he will be in charge of the Eagle Dog Kingdom.
After winning Alice this time and marrying the Alexander family, his position will be further consolidated, and no one can threaten his position!
Just as he accepted everyone’s admiration, someone in the crowd yelled.
“Look, it’s Miss Alice coming out!”
With the appearance of this voice, immediately afterwards, everyone’s attention looked towards the door…
Sure enough, a group of people appeared at the door. The front one was wearing an elegant and atmospheric evening dress with a faint tulle on her face, but she could also see how amazing her face was!
Especially her figure is extremely good, it is a combination of angel and devil.
Her appearance instantly became the new focus, and it attracted the attention of everyone present, and they all looked over, covering up the light of all the women present!
At this moment, she is the most beautiful existence.
Many men couldn’t help but lose consciousness when they saw her.
Even Lin Ziming was taken aback when he saw it, and sent a heartfelt emotion, having to admit that Alice is still very beautiful.
As a hybrid of Chinese and Western, she has not only Western enthusiasm, but also Eastern subtlety. In particular, her appearance has reached a new level of exquisiteness, and every inch of her skin is like a sculpture carved by God.
Lin Ziming had seen many beauties, but I had to admit that Alice was a very beautiful one, at least at the same level as Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang.
Especially the kind of mixed-race temperament on her body is something other women don’t have.
Tonight’s Alice obviously went through some special dressing, so that her already beautiful and sexy figure exudes vividly and vividly!
After Prince William saw it, he couldn’t move his eyes immediately, his mouth opened, and even water came out of his mouth, muttering in his mouth, “It’s so beautiful, so beautiful…”

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