A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1884

At the same time, there was a fiery light in his eyes, staring at Alice closely, wishing to swallow Alice into his stomach immediately.
His possessiveness towards Alice was extremely strong at this moment.
Soon, this look in his eyes was discovered by Alice, and Alice immediately frowned slightly, and some disgust and sadness appeared in her eyes.
Soon she will marry this man, and she will take it in all her life.
Even if she is reluctant in her heart, she has to accept the arrangement of fate!
Just in her mind, she still couldn’t help but think of a thought, what would happen if Lin was here?
She really longed for Lin to take her to elope, even if she went to the ends of the world and spent her life in poverty in the future, she would not hesitate.
However, she knew that this was just her extravagant hope. As a Chinese, Lin was obviously not eligible to enter the engagement ceremony.
Especially facing the entire royal family, there is no one in the world who will offend the Eagle Dog country for her.
Alas, she sighed again.
However, just when she was disappointed, suddenly, her eyes lit up and she caught a familiar figure, which made her footsteps pause for a while!
His breathing also increased rapidly, and his expression even more shocked and excited.
This figure belongs to Lin Ziming!
It’s his, it must be his!
She couldn’t help speeding up her pace, and subconsciously wanted to walk in the direction of the figure.
Soon her strangeness caught the attention of Alexander Horton next to her, frowned slightly, and said to Alice in dissatisfaction, “Alice, what are you doing? Keep your image.”
Alice’s heart tightened when she heard her father’s body. When she opened her eyes and looked over again, Lin Ziming’s figure had disappeared. She couldn’t help but feel lost and sighed. Did she miss Lin too much? , Caused her to have hallucinations?
Then there were some sad wry smiles at the corners of her mouth, yes, it must be so, she had hallucinations.
Lin Ziming was noticed by Alice just now, he changed a position, and Alice could not catch him immediately.
On occasions like this tonight, he still can’t interfere with the royal wedding of the Eagle Country, otherwise he would offend Her Royal Highness, there is no need for this.
Besides, he and Alice are just friends who met by the water.
“Wow, Miss Alice is too beautiful! No wonder everyone calls her the number one beauty in the Eagle Country. This is the face of an angel and the figure of a devil!”
“That is necessary, otherwise she is qualified to marry the noble Prince William?”
“That’s true, Prince William is the most noble young man in our Eagle Dog country…but I still admire Prince William. I can marry such a flowery Miss Alice…”
Many people are admiring Alice’s beauty.
As the protagonist today, Prince William was even more proud after hearing this.
Hmph, even if you like that damn Chinese, what about you, don’t you still want to marry me?

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