A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1886

After all, for them, encountering the assassination of a killer is too thrilling.
Alice was also taken aback for a moment, and there was a look of remembrance in her eyes. That day, if it hadn’t been for Lin Ziming, they would have fallen into the hands of the killer, and the end of the game would be extremely tragic.
In Prince William’s eyes, there was also a flash of lingering fear in his heart, but soon, he showed a proud and confident expression again, and said eloquently: “What happened that day was an accident…”
Then, he began to talk boastfully, recounting the events of that day in great detail.
However, the version he said is completely contrary to the facts!
He has molded himself into a savior with incomparable bravery, hatred and hatred, and at the same time an infinitely capable savior.
On the contrary, Lin Ziming, who was with him, became a greedy and fearful existence in his mouth. If it hadn’t been for his fighting against the enemy, Lin Ziming would be dead now.
“Wow! His Royal Highness is indeed His Royal Highness, brave and wise, a model for our Eagle Dog country!”
“Yes, a great leader like our Royal Highness Prince of the Eagle Dog State can definitely move towards even greater glory!”
“That Chinese man is not a thing. It was the prince who had saved him, but he was so arrogant and ungrateful!”
“Huh, I just said that Chinese people are despicable and shameless. Wherever there is the bravery and nobleness of our eagle dog country, I suggest that you don’t let Chinese people set foot in our eagle dog country in the future, they are not worthy!”
“Yes, Chinese people are inferior races, I never love to say hello to Chinese people…”
Words like this resounded throughout the audience, and many people began to flatter Prince William and began to belittle the Chinese without a bottom line.
Especially under Prince William’s cheer and jealousy, Lin Ziming was described by them as a heinous, despicable and ugly existence, just like an underground mouse.
Prince William was only satisfied with the situation, and the corners of his mouth rose involuntarily, showing a triumphant smile.
Hmph, damn Chinese, how dare you be so disrespectful to me that day, this is your punishment!
And Alice, don’t you like that inferior Chinese, I will slander him in front of you, and see what you can do?
Alice is indeed very angry now, she clenched her fists, gritted her teeth, and a wave of anger rushed into her mind.
At the same time, I felt aggrieved and puzzled, why Prince William, as the prince of the Eagle Country, the next heir, had such a bad character!
Prince William saw Alice’s reaction now, and his eyes flashed a little bit of joy again. He chatted on his face and said to Alice: “Alice, don’t make friends with Chinese people in the future. They are all shameless. Villain.”
Hearing Prince William’s shameless words, Alice became even more angry, and a wave of anger hit her mind!
What made her most unbearable was that other people also slandered Lin Ziming in this way.
Why? Lin Ziming obviously rescued them. Lin Ziming is a good man. What is the reason for Prince William and what right does he have to slander Lin Ziming like this? !
This is nothing but grace and revenge.
Finally, under extreme anger and disgust, she couldn’t help it anymore and shouted out loudly, “You are lying, the person who was greedy for life and fear of death that day was obviously you, not Lin!!!”

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