A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1888

This prince, who is greedy for life and fear of death, even beats women, his character is not so bad!
Prince William was also mad. Alice, an ugly lady, as his fiancée, even if he didn’t protect his reputation, she actually took the lead in discrediting his reputation!
You know that he is an extremely noble prince, that Chinese man is just an inferior martial artist, does his reputation compare to him!
Especially now in front of so many people, he was extremely cruel to Alice.
Alice was covering her face, and a cloud of mist appeared in her eyes. Prince William’s slap in the face made her too painful. She opened her eyes wide. Obviously, she did not expect Prince William to be so violent. , In front of so many people, they dare to beat her. If this really passes the door, how will she be tortured by Prince William?
“Prince William, you, did you hit me?” Alice was also incredible.
The members of the Alexander family on the side frowned now, staring at Prince William displeasedly, thinking that he was too much, so hitting Alice in this way would not save him the Alexander family!
At the moment Alexander Horton stood up and said dissatisfied, “Prince William, I need you to give me an explanation!”
Although Alexander Horton is very close to the royal family and he doesn’t care too much about Alice’s happiness, as the patriarch of Alexander, his daughter was slapped by Prince William. This is the face of their Alexander family. He is naturally Can’t stand idly by!
When Prince William saw this situation, he was somewhat flustered. Facing Alexander Horton’s question, he would be in for a while, and he didn’t know how to answer.
But immediately, a royal minister next to him stood up and said, “Patriarch Alexander, did you see it just now? It was your Alice who vilified the Prince first! Your Royal Highness took the initiative. You should educate your daughter more. Prince William is no ordinary man, he represents the face of the royal family!”
“Not bad! Not bad!” Prince William reacted immediately and said quickly: “Alice slandered me first. I am the prince. Even if she is my fiancee, she can’t slander me like that!”
Alexander Horton didn’t speak, but his eyes flashed with anger. Although he supported his daughter to marry Prince William, he also knew his daughter’s character. If there was no such thing, she would definitely Would not say such a thing.
Moreover, after experiencing the events of that day, Alexander Horton also knew that the strength of that Chinese man could not even be intercepted by the army. How could he be a greedy and fearful person?
It is Prince William who has always had a bad reputation in the circle. He is an out-and-out dude. Her Royal Highness is a powerhouse in the realm of gods, but Prince William has not even reached the congenital realm. What is the difference between it and trash. Up.
It’s just that, as the patriarch of Alexander, it is difficult for him to speak directly, otherwise the nature will be different.
He looked at Alice, took a deep breath, and said, “You apologize to Prince William.”
Alice felt wronged immediately. It was obviously not her fault. Why did she apologize to Prince William?
“I don’t! I didn’t make a mistake at all. The person who was greedy for life and fear of death was obviously him. He was going to hide under the car. He was trembling with fear. When the killer walked in front of him, he was still scared to pee. After removing the pants, Lin made a move in time and saved us by killing those assassins!!”
When these words were said, Prince William’s face became even more ugly.

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