A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1889

At exactly this time, someone in the crowd made a chuckle of snickers.
It was a noble lady, and after this snicker, the others couldn’t help it, and all of them were covering their mouths and snickering.
In fact, they are all smart people. They have their own ability to distinguish. Alice does not tell lies. Combined with Prince William’s reputation in the circle, if there is really a killer attack, then Alice What Si said is obviously true.
Prince William was really scared to pee his pants. This is too embarrassing. This is the prince of the Eagle Country!
Let the people know about this, and Prince William’s image in their minds will plummet. In this way, how can Prince William lead them in the future!
Don’t talk about these distinguished guests, even some ministers in the royal family began to laugh.
Seeing these Prince William, his face was ugly to the extreme, he gritted his teeth, he was almost on the verge of collapse, and his eyes were breathing fire!
Alice, this stinky lady, is looking for death!
“Love! Li! Silk!” Prince William has lost his demeanor a bit. He looks very hideous now, and is already beginning to lose his temper. “You must apologize to me! You must apologize for your defamation just now!!!”
Seeing him like this, Alice was even more frightened in her heart, but she also didn’t back down, raised her head bravely, and said, “I refuse to apologize because I didn’t say something wrong, but what I said was the truth! On the contrary, she raised her head bravely. You, Prince William, you, as the prince of the dignified Eagle Dog country and the grandson of Her Royal Highness, you twist the facts and maliciously slander the savior. You should apologize to Lin!”
When Alice said these words, Lin Ziming sighed again. Now Alice sealed her own way.
The royal family didn’t know how to deal with him.
As we all know, the Eagle Country is the country with the best face, and the royal family of the Eagle Country cannot tolerate anyone’s slander and provocation. Alice’s behavior is actually provocative, even if Alice is telling the truth. But on this occasion, the royal family would never let Alice off easily.
This silly girl is impulsive.
Obviously, after Alice said this, many people in Alexandria also frowned. Among them, Alexander Horton felt big and was already weighing whether to give up Alice directly.
After all, with the Alexander family, they can’t beat the royal family.
Not to mention the fact that there is still a high-ranking queen, he is very annoyed now, Alice is too capricious, not obedient at all, now it’s fine, it has caused such a disaster!
“Unreasonable! You dare to slander the dignity of the royal family, come here!”
A minister next to Prince William waved his big hand, and a dozen elite guards immediately appeared, surrounded Alice, and said in a deep voice, “Alexander-Alice, in the name of the royal family, I order you, immediately Apologize to Prince William, and apologize to the royal family!”
In this situation, the pressure on Alice doubled.
Everyone can see that if Alice is still not enterprising, then the royal family will definitely punish Alice, and it is possible to send Alice directly to jail!
Faced with this situation, many members of the Alexander family dare not speak, and even many of them are still complaining about Alice, thinking that Alice is simply unreasonable, making them more embarrassed by Alexander, and also getting the hatred of the royal family. , It’s a broom star!
A bit of joy flashed in Prince William’s eyes, staring at Alice, his eyes were saying, you want to protect the reputation of that Chinese, and I won’t give you this opportunity at all.

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