A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1891

Prince William’s current appearance is very gloomy. It is like seeing the most terrifying existence in the world. The whole person is extremely panicked, and his expression is full of panic. It has nothing to do with the heroic image in his mouth. No.
On the contrary, it fits well with his image of being greedy for life and fear of death, and scared to pee.
The reaction of Prince William immediately stunned everyone present. Obviously they all had no idea that Prince William, whom they admired, would actually have such a frightened side!
This performance is no different from an ordinary person.
No, this is worse than ordinary people.
Those who can come to participate in this engagement ceremony are not fools. On the contrary, they are all powerful and powerful people. Naturally, their brains are not easy to use, and they guessed it in an instant.
What Alice said was wrong. Prince William was really the greedy person who feared death. On the contrary, it was the Chinese, who was truly brave.
To be honest, when they knew this fact, they didn’t feel very well in their hearts. After all, Prince William is their prince, the future leader of their Eagle Dog Country, but now, he is so cowardly and gaffey, he doesn’t have the grace and calmness that His Royal Highness should have!
And the most important thing is that the other party is still a Chinese, who was ridiculed by them just now as a Chinese of inferior race.
At this moment, many people expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Prince William, and even thought that Prince William was not qualified to inherit the throne of His Royal Highness!
At the same time, after seeing Lin Ziming’s sudden appearance, Alice, who was already desperate, opened her eyes suddenly, showing a look of consternation and excitement!
She didn’t read it wrong, Lin Ziming really came, and she still showed up when she needed help the most, just like last time.
At this moment, her heart was filled tightly, and she felt unprecedented happiness and fulfillment!
And this kind of feeling was something she had never experienced before. This kind of happiness was even stronger than the last time Lin Ziming rescued her from the killer’s hands.
So she was so excited that she didn’t know her, and rushed towards Lin Ziming reflexively, screaming in surprise: “Lin! Great, you are finally here! I’ll do it! Know, you will definitely not give up on me, you will definitely not give up on me!”
She plunged into Lin Ziming’s arms like a swallow, and hugged Lin Ziming tightly, burying her face deeply in Lin Ziming’s chest.
She was so excited, it was a kind of excitement brought about by despair. The whole person was reborn. Even if the whole world gave up on her, Lin Ziming still didn’t give up on her!
And this strong emotion directly caused her tear ducts to collapse and she cried, and the tears soon wetted Lin Ziming’s clothes.
Lin Ziming was held so tightly by her, it was a bit surprised for a while, and it was still embarrassing under such an occasion.
But isn’t it? Now everyone in the audience is widening their eyes and looking at him in amazement. Obviously they didn’t expect that a Chinese man would be killed, especially Alice so excitedly into his arms.
This plot is something they have never thought about.
Especially for Prince William, his face is ugly now, and the whole person is shaking terribly!
Pointing at Lin Ziming, shivering, “You, you, you…dog man and dog, dog man and woman!!!”

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