A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1892

He was really furious, Lin Ziming dared to appear at his engagement ceremony, and Alice, a stinky woman, as his fiancée, was thrown into the arms of another man like this. It was completely without a bit of face. …No, it was a slap in the face on his face.
He has grown up so big, and he has never lost such a big face! !
This face was much more serious than Alice had just exposed him. Because, Alice’s approach undoubtedly put him on a green hat on the spot! !
Others are also reacting now, looking at Prince William with different expressions, some are laughing, some are angry, some are sympathetic, but more people are gloating.
Especially for those men, they are still more or less disgusting or jealous of Prince William. After all, Prince William’s reputation in the circle is not good. Because of his status as the prince, he has offended a lot. people.
It’s just that they are all looking at the face of the royal family, and they don’t dare to have a general knowledge of Prince William.
But now, they see Prince William ashamed, still ashamed, and they are still very happy to see it.
Many people even couldn’t help but laugh.
This was a huge blow to Prince William, making him completely out of control, and he shouted out hysterically: “What are you guys still trying to do! Kill them for me! Kill this pair of dogs and men!!!!!! ”
His whole person began to go crazy, his face was hideous, and he was indistinguishable from the devil. His appearance made the impression of him even worse by the nobles present.
Not only the nobles, but also many people in the royal family, as well as those ministers, frowned slightly. Prince William’s appearance is really shameful, and it’s not just Prince William’s face that was lost. The face of the royal family has been lost a lot!
But anyway, in this situation, they still can’t let Lin Ziming and Alice go. After all, even if Prince William loses his temper, he will still be a prince, while Lin Ziming is a Chinese and a foreigner. As for Alice, she is treated like a foreigner now.
Immediately a minister ordered, “Guardian! Catch me this killer!”
Immediately, a team of guards began to attack Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming should be taken down directly.
Seeing this situation, Lin Ziming shook his head, wondering if he would encounter these things when he came to see Her Royal Highness this time.
However, for him, since things have happened, he will naturally not escape, besides, the power of the royal family is not enough to make him escape.
Today Alice has already taken that step. If he left directly, then Alice would be miserable.
In any case, he and Alice met once, and he definitely couldn’t leave Alice alone.
So he said lightly, “Prince William, you know my strength, are you sure you want to send your escort to die?”
His gaze was fixed on Prince William, and when Prince William was seen by his eyes, he couldn’t help but pierced.
But he didn’t give up. Now in the castle, he doesn’t believe that Lin Ziming has such a great ability to fight against the power of the entire imperial family!
“Guards, kill you!” He ordered directly.

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