A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1894

This situation is really too romantic. It hit her point perfectly, and even caused her body to react in some subtle ways.
“Hmm…” She nodded lightly, with a sweet smile on her face.
It was too late and it was fast. At this moment, the guards had already launched an attack on Lin Ziming.
Because this was still in the castle, they didn’t even shoot at once, but took Lin Ziming down in a close fight.
They all had high-voltage batons in their hands, and as long as they touched Lin Ziming, they would be able to power Lin Ziming down! !
“Many arm blocks the car.”
Lin Ziming saw this situation, he was very disdainful, just shook his head lightly, and then began to take action.
I saw that he didn’t even look at the people who made the distinguished guests feel scared, put his arm around Alice, and then with the other hand, he started to fight back.
He moved quickly, but without losing his coolness, and with a few snaps, he immediately solved these close guards.
These menacing guards were like paper, but they were touched by Lin Ziming, and they fell to the ground immediately.
In less than ten seconds, more than twenty guards were brought down by Lin Ziming.
And there was still a trace of suspense crushed, Lin Ziming’s shot was like bullying a child.
This change made everyone present stunned. They had no idea that Lin Ziming’s strength was so powerful, so there was no difference between it and Superman!
Is it true that the Chinese are really like the actors in the movie, every Chinese is a descendant of the dragon, and will Chinese kung fu fail?
For the other guards, they all saw Lin Ziming’s greatness, which was completely beyond their understanding.
They all became nervous all at once.
They all took out their guns and pointed them at Lin Ziming.
Prince William was even more furious, and said loudly: “Give it to me, give it to me! Shoot, you trash! What are you doing in a daze, shoot me and kill him!!! ”
The remaining guards, after hearing Prince William’s order, couldn’t take care of that much, and started shooting directly at Lin Ziming.
Bang bang bang…
Suddenly, loud gunshots continued to hear.
Seeing this scene, everyone in the Alexander family revealed sorrow and pain. In their opinion, Alice must also be killed!
Even Alexander Horton clenched his fists now, his face full of grief.
Alice closed her eyes in despair when she saw that they were about to shoot.
In her concept, the gun is the most powerful weapon. How can a mortal be confronted with a gun?
She must be dying here…
However, Lin Ziming’s eyes flashed coldly, and the contempt in the corners of his mouth became more intense.

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