A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1897

Everyone was also shocked, and they didn’t expect that Lin Ziming could also break through under the protection of layers of guards and capture Prince William alive.
But they didn’t make a sound either, they just looked at Lin Ziming quietly.
If they had been before, they would definitely fight desperately and save Prince William.
But after what happened just now, they were really disappointed with Prince William.
Not only those who are greedy for life and fear of death, but also ignore life, instruct the guards to shoot in the castle, disregarding their life and death! !
“Don’t kill me, please, don’t kill me…”
Prince William was caught by Lin Ziming’s neck. He couldn’t breathe. His eyes were full of fear and pleading. He was already scared to pee his pants!
As for the other guards, there are no immediate rash actions.
Lin Ziming at this moment, in everyone’s eyes, has already become a demon.
You know, in the history of the Eagle Dog country for so many years, there has never been a person who has turned the royal family upside down!
At this moment, they deeply remembered Lin Ziming’s appearance.
Especially for the members of the Alexander family, it is even more complicated. They all see that the relationship between Lin Ziming and Alice is not simple.
And Lin Ziming is a powerful figure, if Alice can really follow Lin Ziming, then it would be a bad thing.
Of course, they thought of another possibility, that is, the Queen is still not playing, if the Queen is playing, can this Chinese man be taken down?
Speaking of which, where did Her Royal Highness go, there has always been no appearance. Has Prince William been abandoned?
After all, Prince William is also a representative of the royal family anyway. Being humiliated by a Chinese is also a great provocation for Her Royal Highness.
However, when everyone was wondering, suddenly, Lin Ziming looked towards the door, and his face also showed a meaningful smile.
Immediately afterwards, I heard a voice full of majesty.
“Instructor Lin, I don’t know if you can give me a face and let William go?”
Hearing this voice, in an instant, Prince William, who was already panicked and desperate, suddenly burst into extreme excitement and excitement on his face. He yelled out, and the whole person looked particularly excited!
And the next moment, everyone also looked towards the door, and when they saw the figure walking in from the door, they immediately felt for a while, everyone knelt down, worshiping and shouting excitedly, “Your Royal Highness!!”
Wrong, now the person who has walked through love is the Queen of the Eagle Dog Kingdom, the only master of the Eagle Dog Kingdom, and the absolute guardian of the Eagle Dog Kingdom.
In fact, Lin Ziming had already felt the breath of Her Royal Highness just now, so he was not eager to counterattack when facing the first wave of shots by the guards.
It can be said that he gave enough to the queen’s palace. He thought that the queen would appear just now, but he did not expect that the queen was still silent.
So later, he directly fought back and captured Prince William.
Now that His Royal Highness is on the stage, Lin Ziming will naturally not continue to embarrass Prince William. In any case, he still wants the Queen to be under the palace. Besides, he didn’t even put Prince William in his eyes at all, he was just an ant.
How can a person be as knowledgeable as ants?
After putting down Prince William, he made a gentleman’s greeting to His Royal Highness the Queen, and said hello with a smile, “Your Royal Highness.”

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