A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1898

And Alice was also stunned now. When she reacted, she knelt down and yelled her Royal Highness.
Although Prince William is very annoying, it does not affect her worship and respect for Her Royal Highness.
Since she was a child, she has heard many legends about her Royal Highness, and she worships and respects from the heart, the guardian of the Eagle Country.
After seeing His Royal Highness Queen, Prince William laughed loudly and pointed at Lin Ziming loudly and arrogantly, “Hahahaha, my grandma is here, you are dead, you despicable Chinese, you are dead!! !”
The way he is now is as annoying as it is, where is there half the way a prince should be?
Lin Ziming’s expression remained unchanged, but instead looked at him with a mocking and sympathetic expression.
Not only him, but the others present also have a slight affection for Prince William, thinking that Prince William is looking for death.
Sure enough, the eyes of Her Royal Highness looked at him, and there was no concealment of his disappointment and anger.
Many people have seen it, but it’s a pity that Prince William himself didn’t see it. He was still there, because Lin Ziming must be dead.
Immediately afterwards, he trot to the Queen and complained, “Grandma! You are finally here, and your grandson will be murdered by this despicable Chinese! Grandma, you must execute this despicable Chinese. what!!”
He ran to the front of the Queen’s Palace, pointed at Lin Ziming, and said a bunch of bad things.
However, Her Royal Highness did not speak, but looked at him coldly.
As for the other people present, they have similar expressions.
Finally, Prince William discovered that something was wrong. When he looked back at the Queen, he found the cold, disappointed and angry eyes of the Queen.
This kind of look immediately caused him to hit his whole body with spirits, and he realized that something was wrong!
Sure enough, Her Royal Highness immediately said: “William, you have disappointed me too much.”
Prince William heard this voice, and his face suddenly paled a lot. But there is still no right away, because he knows that Her Royal Highness loves him the most. From childhood to big, as long as he makes mistakes, admits mistakes, acts like a baby, and kneels, then Her Royal Highness can always forgive him.
With a snap, he slapped himself and knelt down with tears in his eyes. He confessed: “Grandma, it was me who was wrong! William was in trouble this time!”
I have to say that his acting skills are still very good, and he is really pitiful now that he looks like this, and it makes people unbearable to blame him again.
After this set, he was already extremely proficient, because before he had done so, Her Royal Highness would definitely forgive him.
But this time, he overestimated himself too much.
“You have indeed caused a great disaster.” Her Royal Highness said lightly. She raised her head and looked around at the scene, her face showing disappointment, anger, and ashamed again.
These are her people, but because her grandson hurt so many people, she couldn’t bear it.
While Prince William was still proud, he heard a thunderbolt from the blue sky.
“From now on, you have been deprived of your prince status and you have been imprisoned in the underground palace for five years.” Her Royal Highness said majesticly, and what she said was the imperial edict.
When His Royal Highness heard this, the whole person was shocked.
Not only him, but the people present also showed incredible looks.

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