A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1900

For a time, Prince William became the referent.
He staggered back, his whole body trembled so badly that he almost couldn’t stand firm, his whole body began to have no masters, and he was completely panicked.
He knelt before the Queen’s Palace with a plop, hugged Her Royal Highness’s thigh tightly, begging: “Grandma, Grandma, I’m wrong, William is wrong! Please grandma not to deprive William of the throne. I will never dare to grandma anymore…”
He was extremely embarrassed with his nose and tears. Where is the attitude that a prince should have?
As everyone knows, the Queen looked at him like this, and was even more disappointed.
Finally, she shook her head and shook Prince William directly away, and ordered coldly and majesticly, “Guards, imprison him in the underground palace.”
“Yes! Your Royal Highness!”
Immediately, the guards began to come over and directly detain Prince William.
Prince William was resisting desperately, but he had already been hollowed out by alcohol. Wherever he was the opponent of these guards, he was captured in a short while.
He began to go crazy, “Hahahaha…I am Prince William, you dare to be rough with me, I want you to die! I want you all to die!!!”
“I am the monarch of the Eagle Country, I am the monarch, you ministers, dare to be rude to me!!!”
He went crazy completely, and was finally stabbed by the guard’s electric baton, convulsed all over the body, foamed at the mouth, and passed out.
The Queen on the side looked at this scene indifferently. No one could see her emotions. Only Lin Ziming could capture the sadness and regret in the depths of her eyes.
It was her indulgence that caused Prince William to become what he is now, which is also her responsibility.
Prince William’s parents died early and grew up with her since she was a child. She is the heir to the next eagle dog kingdom. Unfortunately, Her Royal Highness focused too much on her martial arts and ignored the education of Prince William.
In any case, Prince William is also her grandson. Now that it is in this situation, it is impossible to say that she is not heartbroken.
It’s just a done deal. As the monarch of the Eagle Country, she can’t express this aspect.
The scene suddenly fell silent, and everyone except Lin Ziming bowed down to show their loyalty and respect to Her Royal Highness.
A minister tremblingly said: “His Royal Highness, since King William…he is crazy, then who is your next heir?”
As these words were thrown out, everyone was staring straight at Her Royal Highness, their hearts beating very fast. They wanted to know who the Queen wanted to be the Crown Prince!
Especially for those earls in the royal family, they are even more nervous. Their hearts are full of expectation, their eyes are staring straight at Her Royal Highness, hoping that Her Royal Highness will favor them and reach the sky in one step! ! !
Her Royal Highness smiled and said: “Yes, next, it’s time to establish a new prince. I already know the candidates.”
Hearing this, everyone became more nervous and excited! !
Especially when the eyes of Her Royal Highness passed over all of them, they became even more excited.
Lin Ziming also had a faint smile on his face, and he was also a little curious about who the Queen would choose as her prince.
Everyone thought that Her Royal Highness must have chosen a member of the royal family, but what Her Royal Highness said in the following was far beyond everyone’s expectations!
I saw Her Royal Highness staying on Alice, showing a kind and admiring smile, and then walked towards Alice, “Alice, are you willing to be my successor?”

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