A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1902

It was also at this time that everyone in the Alexander family was extremely excited!
Especially Alexander Horton, his excited whole body is shaking violently now.
But he endured it so hard that he didn’t dare to show it, the smile on his face was almost unbearable, so he had to lower his head, or he would be seen by Her Royal Highness, bad things would be bad!
Her Royal Highness smiled kindly, then helped Alice up and said with a smile: “There is no mistake, the person I chose is you, my Alice. Would you like to call me grandma?”
Alice was confused now, and subconsciously shouted, “Grandma…”
“Good! Very good, my dear grandson…” Her Royal Highness gently stroked Alice’s head.
Then, the Queen said again, “Then you can become grandma’s prince?”
This is too big a shock for Alice!
Including what happened today, the ups and downs, she will not be able to accept it for a while.
What happened today surpassed all of her life!
“I, I don’t know…” Alice said blankly.
Yes, the prince of a country means too much to her. She had never thought of such things before!
At this point, Lin Ziming knew that the Queen’s heart was determined and could not be stopped, and, to a certain extent, it was also a good thing for him.
So he stood up, smiled and said to Alice: “Promise your Royal Highness, this is your mission.”
“I…” Alice was stunned.
At this moment, a member of the royal family couldn’t help it and shouted loudly: “His Royal Highness! This is wrong! Alice is from the Alexander family, not from my royal family. How can you stand her up? For the prince!!”
“Yes, Your Royal Highness, you can’t make her the prince! This is the person who gave up the country to the Alexander family, no!!!”
“His Royal Highness, I know that what happened to William just now hit you too much, but you have to calm down and not make reckless decisions!”
“His Royal Highness, please withdraw your order. We do not agree with you to make Alexander Alice the prince, otherwise we would rather die!!”
Suddenly, a lot of rebellious voices sounded in the castle, and they became stronger every time. Some people even threatened Her Royal Highness by suicide. As long as the Queen wanted to do her own way, they would be killed directly.
As for the members of the Alexander family, all of them are now very nervous, and they have become the point of criticism, but they dare not speak and can only remain silent.
If they really show a trace of desire, they will definitely become a handle and be beaten.
For Alice, seeing this situation, she was even more ashamed and panicked, gritted her teeth, and said to Her Royal Highness: “Your Royal Highness, I cannot be your prince.”
“Why?” Her Royal Highness still kept a kind smile on her face. She took Alice’s hand and gave her confidence and bravery.
“I, I am not a member of the royal family, I am not qualified to be your prince.” Alice said in a disappointed voice. This is what she said in her heart, not just trying to get caught.
When other people saw Alice’s words, they started to contempt. The female generation is the female generation. Even with the support of her Royal Highness, they would not dare to take on such a big task.
But the next words of Her Royal Highness made them feel scared again.
“I am the Queen, I said you are qualified, you are qualified, who dares to say that you are not qualified, I will kill him now.”
She said this indifferently, but the murderous intent and majesty emanating from her tone couldn’t be concealed! ! !

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