A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1903

It was like a powerful tornado, emanating from the whole body of the queen, and sweeping towards the surroundings.
This momentum is too strong!
For everyone in the audience, it was a mental storm.
No, it’s not just as simple as a storm, but a devastating aura that makes their brains go blank for an instant, and they knelt down again and kowtow constantly.
Only then did they remember that Her Royal Highness is not only as simple as Her Royal Highness, she is also the number one powerhouse in the Eagle Dog Nation, the only powerhouse in the Eagle Dog Nation, and the patron saint of the Eagle Dog Nation.
They dare to deny the decision of Her Royal Highness, isn’t this looking for death?
Regardless of the fact that Her Royal Highness the Queen has been very approachable in recent years, but a few decades ago, Her Royal Highness was killed out of the blood.
For a moment, they all felt the panic and regret sincerely, they actually dared to deny the decision of the Queen, it seems that they are floating, and they have forgotten the original killing of the Queen.
Don’t talk about them, even Lin Ziming himself was shocked by the aura of Her Royal Highness.
This is the power of the powerhouse of the God-passing Realm!
That momentum, even Lin Ziming was also affected, there was a zero and one second stagnation.
Don’t look at this short time, but it is already a long time for the power of the gods. If Her Royal Highness really wants to take action against Lin Ziming, then Lin Ziming may have been defeated by Her Royal Highness just now!
And the consequence of defeat, there is only one word, and that is death.
At such a moment, Lin Ziming was a lot more vigilant towards Her Royal Highness.
But soon, he relaxed again, because Her Royal Highness wouldn’t take a shot at him. If he really wanted to take a shot at him, then the Queen could take a shot just now.
Her Royal Highness also showed him a meaningful smile at just this time. Lin Ziming smiled lightly without feeling embarrassed.
It was just in his mind that he had a clearer understanding of the strength of Her Royal Highness.
The God-passing realm is ultimately a God-passing realm, which is much stronger than the half-step God-passing realm.
However, he also felt that the strength of Her Royal Highness, the military god Huangpu Road, and the beautiful country’s Adam, should be about the same level, but compared with the Luotian Saint King, it is still a bit worse.
At that time, when he faced the Saint King Luo Tian, ​​it was as if he was facing the will of the heavens, which was terrifying.
The feeling he gave him at that time was that Saint King Luo Tian didn’t need to act personally, just a thought could kill him.
Suddenly, he couldn’t help but think of his grandfather, who was also a powerhouse in the realm of God!
And as far as he knows, every master of the God Realm is a super power that shakes the world, dominates a party, and even bears dominance of a country.
But as a master of the realm of the gods, his grandfather was actually the head of a family in Hwaseong, and he was still murdered by an adulterer at the time?
Unscientific, too unscientific.
Grandpa must have secrets he doesn’t know!
After returning home this time, he has to ask his grandpa carefully.
Her Royal Highness’s words sounded again, “I have decided. From now on, Alice will be my prince, the next queen, you must help her.”
“Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
“Yes, Your Royal Highness!”

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