A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1904

How dare they show a trace of resistance now, Her Royal Highness will kill them in minutes.
However, in their minds, they would certainly not obey the instructions of Her Royal Highness that much.
Her Royal Highness can make Alice the next queen. On the surface, of course they dare not touch Alice, but in private, they will not be so honest!
Especially the nobles in the royal family have made up their minds and must pit Alice well.
When William was a prince, they were just right. They didn’t dare to have any ideas, but now William has fallen off the horse, and Alice is just a foreigner, without any foundation, they naturally won’t wait to die!
This engagement ceremony ended, Alice became the final winner, somehow became the prince of Her Royal Highness the Queen, which won the super prize.
Some truly wise dignitaries have also guessed that the purpose of the Queen’s doing this is definitely not just as simple as valuing Alice, but for more reasons, I am afraid it is the Chinese named’Lin’!
As a result, they became more interested in Lin Ziming’s origins.
After they went back, they immediately investigated Lin Ziming’s information. He was a high-level person in China, and also a champion of the Kung Fu Cup a while ago. He was extraordinary in strength and stepped into the realm of mastering the gods!
And, the most terrifying thing is that Lin Ziming’s age is too young…
After knowing this, they began to understand why the Queen would make Alice the prince…
However, even so, it doesn’t mean that they have succumbed.
For the Alexander family, it was a great surprise. If Alice becomes a queen in the future, their Alexander family will have the opportunity to replace it and become a real royal family!
This is an absolute event, a matter of Guangzong Yaozu!
Tonight’s engagement banquet ended here. In the end, Her Royal Highness gave Lin Ziming a look. Lin Ziming understood naturally and silently followed Her Royal Highness inside.
Her Royal Highness exudes a sacred, majestic, and inviolable temperament.
No one can think that she is over eighty years old.
She now seems to be about forty years old, with extremely strong energy and blood.
However, Lin Ziming followed behind her and still felt something was wrong.
Then the aura of Her Royal Highness is discontinuous, strong and weak. Although this kind of change is small and small, Lin Ziming still clearly feels it.
There was even a guess in his mind. Her Royal Highness, could it be that she was injured?
Finally, Her Royal Highness reached the deepest part of the castle.
It turned out to be a very ordinary house, and it looked like it was different from the residence of ordinary people.
Is this the place where Her Royal Highness lives?
Lin Ziming was somewhat surprised.
The Queen saw his doubts and said with a smile, “You guessed it right, this is indeed my residence. I lived here when I was very young. Every time I fight outside, Only by returning here can peace be restored.”
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “It is indeed very good here. There is a special magnetic field that makes people cleanse the soul and return to peace after entering.”
Her Royal Highness uses the Chinese language, and she speaks very fluently. Except for a little accent, she doesn’t sound any bluntness.
Lin Ziming sat down, then looked at Her Royal Highness and said, “Your Royal Highness, you are injured, who is the other party?”

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