A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1907

Next, Lin Ziming didn’t leave the Eagle Dog Country immediately, but stayed for a few days. First, he took the route with the Queen and took advantage of this opportunity to madly understand the matter of the God Realm.
And Her Royal Highness did not conceal him, and showed great kindness to him, knowing it without saying anything, which gave Lin Ziming a huge benefit.
In addition, Lin Ziming stayed and coached Alice, after all, strictly speaking, he changed Alice’s life trajectory, and he was responsible for Alice.
On the one hand, it is caused by his character, and on the other hand, it is also his cause and effect.
As for the third most important point, this is a deal between him and Her Royal Highness.
However, Lin Ziming also learned more about the Shengjiao. He discovered that Shengjiao is actually a very evil organization. Among them, the Shengjiao is called Asura, and it is an extremely evil existence.
The strength has reached the pinnacle of the first-tier power level, even if it is the queen, it is not his opponent.
In the end, Her Royal Highness reminded him that he had been noticed by the Holy Cult. Next, the Holy Cult will definitely take action against him, and must not be taken lightly.
Especially once Ashura personally strikes, there is still a gap between Lin Ziming’s current strength and it is definitely not Ashura’s opponent!
Lin Ziming also knew this, so he was very cautious next.
And also closed up.
Prepare to hit the realm of God!
He knew it was difficult, but he had to try it anyway.
Because he himself felt that, in the dark, there was indeed a powerful force eyeing him.
Just like a poisonous snake in the dark, staring at him, as long as he is not careful, he will come out and give him a fatal blow!
He felt very uncomfortable with this feeling of maggots attached to bones.
In a blink of an eye, half a month passed. Lin Ziming still stayed in the Eagle Dog Country. To be precise, he stayed in the house of Her Royal Highness, retreating and attacking the God Realm.
With the help of Her Royal Highness, Alice slowly settled on her position as the prince. At this time, with Her Royal Highness sitting in charge, even if those people didn’t like Alice, they would not dare to act rashly.
For Lin Ziming, hitting the God Realm was by no means an easy task.
Following the instructions of Her Royal Highness, he relaxed his body, spirit, and soul, and entered a mysterious and mysterious realm.
However, he still couldn’t find the true threshold of the realm of the gods.
That kind of feeling was uncomfortable. He was clearly standing in front of the threshold, but in any case, he couldn’t find the threshold. For a while, he wondered if there was such a threshold at all.
Another half month passed, Lin Ziming was still unable to step into the realm of Communicating God, only to strengthen his current realm even more.
When he opened his eyes, a golden light flashed in his eyes, and his expression was flying, and the whole person exuded an extremely powerful aura, if a tornado swept the whole house.
Moreover, this was not an illusory mental power, but there was a real wind that broke out from his body and directly blew the cabin away.
This makes him very embarrassed.
This is the log cabin of Her Royal Highness, let him break it up unexpectedly.
It just so happened that Her Royal Highness was beside her, with some helplessness on her face.
Lin Ziming scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “Your Royal Highness, that, I’m sorry, I can’t control it all at once…”

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