A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1908

Her Royal Highness waved her hand, and said with a smile: “Nothing, this Ya She is too old, and indeed it should be eliminated.”
There was some emotion in her words, and Lin Ziming heard it immediately. She compared Yashe to herself.
This made Lin Ziming even more embarrassed.
He wanted to help Her Royal Highness to repair Ya She back, but Her Royal Highness refused, and he didn’t insist anymore.
“Hey, I still can’t break through to the realm of the gods.” Lin Ziming sighed and said.
Her Royal Highness smiled and said: “This is a normal thing. It takes an opportunity to break through the God Realm. You can consolidate your realm through a short one-month retreat. It is considered very good. Your current strength is already unlimited. Close to the realm of the gods.”
Lin Ziming nodded, and he did feel that his strength had indeed improved a bit, his whole body was full of explosive power, he was the strongest in his history!
It was at least several times stronger than when he was at the Great Perfection in the Innate Realm.
At this moment, His Royal Highness made an unexpected action that he didn’t expect, and saw that her Royal Highness didn’t say hello, he directly attacked Lin Ziming!
And it was very sudden, with no sign, the shot was not a temptation, but a real killer move.
This made Lin Ziming’s scalp numb in an instant, and an unprecedented sense of crisis swept his heart! !
What is the situation, is the Queen going to kill him? ?
But soon, as soon as this idea appeared, it was extinguished by him.
His response is not unpleasant, knowing that Her Royal Highness is training him.
Suddenly, he felt even more grateful to Her Royal Highness.
When it was said that it was too late, the attack of Her Royal Highness had already reached him. He blocked all thoughts and dealt with the attack of Her Royal Highness completely.
I have to say that even though her Royal Highness the Queen is more than eighty years old as a realm through the gods, the strength displayed is still extremely terrifying!
In that instant, Lin Ziming felt tremendous pressure, which was comparable to a mountain, pressed on top of his head, causing his spirit, muscles, and bones to bear tremendous pressure!
Fortunately, his current realm is not low, he just snorted softly, this kind of pressure was melted away by him, after dodge the ultimate move of the queen at the beginning, he began to expand to the queen Counterattack.
Their battle can be described as extremely fierce.
If it weren’t for the depths of the castle, a few kilometers of woods would definitely cause a huge shock.
Every master of the God-passing realm has extremely terrifying energy brewing in his body, and once it is deployed, the damage caused is extremely huge.
In the woods, because of the tricks of Lin Ziming and Her Royal Highness, large tracts of trees were blown up and collapsed.
At first, Lin Ziming was still able to fight with His Royal Highness 50-50, but as time went on, he found that the Queen’s aura became stronger and stronger!
Even faintly, he seemed to be the entire woods, fighting against him. Every punch and every kick he made would have an impact. The feeling was very uncomfortable, as if the air around him had turned into water. , Which greatly increased his resistance!
He just felt shocked, he had never encountered such a situation.
In the end, he lost without a doubt.
But Her Royal Highness did not kill him, stopped, and asked her with a smile, “Do you have any insights?”

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