A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1911

“Jiejie, Lin Ziming, you finally came here, very good, very good.”
There was a ghastly and evil voice on the phone. The voice was like a ruler scraping a blackboard, and it made a high-frequency harsh sound, which made people particularly uncomfortable to hear.
Needless to say, this must be the high-level of Shengjiao. Lin Ziming knew the strength of the opponent just by listening to this voice.
The Great Perfection of the Innate Realm!
Hearing these words, Lin Ziming kept sinking in his heart. It was not that he was afraid of the other party, but that the entire Falcon Group had fallen into the hands of the Holy Teacher. In this way, the Falcon Group It is dangerous, and it is very likely that it has suffered an accident!
All this information was sent yesterday, but yesterday, he happened to be in retreat and missed the best chance of rescue, which made him very regretful!
But he didn’t panic right away, but quickly calmed himself down and said: “You better let go of the Falcons, otherwise I will kill you.”
“Exterminate us? What a big tone!”
The other party was obviously irritated by Lin Ziming’s words. Then, the other party smiled grimly, “I didn’t want to do anything to these ants, but if you say this, I want to see how you can kill us.”
Immediately afterwards, Zhou Tao’s screaming voice came through the phone.
Hearing Lin Ziming’s anger, at the same time the murderous intent in his heart couldn’t be restrained.
“Enough!” Lin Ziming scolded him in a deep voice, and said coldly, “Your target is me, don’t embarrass them, tell me the address, I will rush over now.”
The other party seemed to be using the amplifier. As his voice fell, Zhou Tao roared immediately, “Chief instructor, you can’t come over! This is a trap, they are…Ah!!! ”
However, his words were still not finished, and there was another scream.
The call was very stern, obviously suffering from great pain.
Lin Ziming was holding the phone, and the murderous intent in his heart was like a surging river, which could not be destroyed.
But he didn’t lose his composure, and continued to say in a deep voice, “Tell me the address.”
“Hahahaha…” the other party said: “Lin Ziming, it seems that you are really a sentimental and righteous person. You people in the world are so righteous! Well, we are on Green Island. You will be there within half an hour, otherwise, you will just wait for them to collect their bodies!”
Lin Ziming directly hung up the phone, and then squeezed the phone directly when he was angry.
Holy religion, holy religion, holy religion!
A raging anger broke out in his pupils, and he had already begun to murder the sect of Shengjiao.
Originally, he didn’t want to have too much involvement with the Holy Church, but now the Holy Church dares to threaten him with the Falcon Group, then he doesn’t mind, destroy this so-called Holy Church!
He didn’t have any ink marks. After changing his clothes quickly, he strode away.
At this time, Her Royal Highness came out and felt Lin Ziming’s murderous intent. She frowned slightly and said, “Have you found the Holy Cult?”
Lin Ziming didn’t feel strange to the keenness of Her Royal Highness, he nodded, and said the matter in a deep voice.
Her Royal Highness also didn’t have any nonsense, and said directly: “Do you need me to accompany you?”
Lin Ziming accepted the kindness of Her Royal Highness, shook his head and refused, saying: “No need, I can just go by myself.”

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