A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1914

“People in the world are really shameless!” Mo Yan said coldly. He was extremely angry and annoyed, and his body exuded a black air. Even in broad daylight, it was equally creepy. .
It didn’t look like a person anymore, but a demon who really got up from hell.
For many agents of the Falcon team, death is a relief for them.
But at this moment, they all heard it. On the opposite building, a figure suddenly appeared. Because it was hundreds of meters away, it seemed that the figure was very small, like a little ant.
Moreover, this little ant runs very fast, even if it is so far away, it is difficult to see the trail.
Immediately, this little ant arrived on the building, and then jumped directly to this place.
Just when the sun was in that direction, the figure blocked the sunlight, and the shadow directly covered up most of Green Island.
I have to say that this scene is extremely shocking for all Falcon teams!
They all saw that the figure that appeared suddenly was not someone else, it was Lin Ziming who came to rescue them! ! !
Not only them, but even the other Saints on Green Island were shocked by the way Lin Ziming made his debut.
To them, Lin Ziming was like a god of war coming from the sky, falling in their direction.
Mo Yan immediately raised his head and looked up. He also saw Lin Ziming, and he met Lin Ziming’s gaze.
A burst of enthusiasm and anger burst from his body, and three words popped out between his teeth, “Lin! Zi! Ming!!!”
Not only him, but Mo Yun and Mo Teng beside him also discovered Lin Ziming.
They are all masters of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, and they are almost able to break through to the half-step through the god realm. This level of strength, let alone in the world, even in the martial world, is also a top-level existence!
When they saw Lin Ziming, they narrowed their eyes and made a new judgment on Lin Ziming’s strength.
Because Green Island is a small island in the lake, ordinary people come over under normal circumstances and need to sail before they can come.
But for a super expert like Lin Ziming, it is natural that such a low-level method is not needed.
He rushed all the way, and flew directly into the air after boarding the tallest building from Green Island.
His speed has reached the extreme, the whole person turned into a cannonball, jumped up from a high place, and then descended on the opposite Green Island in a parabolic way.
This scene was not only shocking for everyone on Green Island, but for all ordinary people who saw this scene, they treated him as a god!
Some of the older eagle dogs kneeled down directly and kept shouting, God, God, God!
Yes, at this moment, Lin Ziming, in their eyes, is God, and only God can make such a majestic move!
You know, from the building on the opposite bank to Green Island, it’s more than 1,200 meters, but that’s how Lin Ziming came here. Isn’t it God?

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