A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1920

He is like a god of war, a god of death, constantly reaping lives!
The point is that he still has a faint smile on his face, as if he was just doing a very easy thing, not going through a big battle, and there was no joy and madness after killing!
However, because of this feeling, everyone’s eyes were full of fear.
This kind of Lin Ziming looks really terrible, it really seems to be a god of death who has descended to the world, killing people, for Lin Ziming, it is just a simple thing like drinking water and eating!
Even if they are from the sacred religion, they still practice evil techniques, but they have never seen such a god of death.
When facing Lin Ziming, the rest of these believers finally changed their mentality, and it was a huge change!
They began to panic, and began to be afraid.
As for this fear, their aura dropped instantly, the summing technique could not be used anymore, and there was a huge error.
In themselves, they strictly implement the technique of totalization, and they are not Lin Ziming’s opponents.
“Devil, he is the devil, he is the real devil…”
Finally, there is a master of the innate realm of the Holy Sect. After seeing Lin Ziming’s murderous situation with his own eyes, his mentality has undergone a huge change, and he collapsed directly, his lips are trembling, and he has lost what he did against Lin Ziming. Instead, after a strange cry, he turned and ran.
And his run directly brought about the avalanche effect, causing those other people who were also afraid to retreat one after another, like a mob, turning around and fleeing.
This scene seemed silly to many agents of the Falcon team.
They knew that Lin Ziming was amazing, but they never thought that Lin Ziming was so amazing!
You know, there are dozens of innate realm masters here, and there are not a few masters in the third and fourth stages.
So many Innate Realm masters, united, what a tremendous power it is.
Even if it is an army of a top-notch power, its strength is no more than that, but now, under the impact of Lin Ziming, it has the slightest ability to fight back and disappear in a rush?
They were dumbfounded, really dumbfounded.
Not only them, but even Moyan, Moyun, and Moteng, their pupils have shrunk and their brains are blank.
They made a big mistake in estimating the strength of Lin Ziming!
“Devil Flame, what’s the situation?! Didn’t you say that he didn’t reach the God Realm?!”
“Mo Yan! Where did you investigate the information? If he is in the realm of the gods, then we all have to die!!”
Mo Yun and Mo Teng were very dissatisfied with Mo Yan and scolded them.
Now even Demon Flame is a bit daunted, did he really make a mistake in his investigation?
However, when he was also panicking, he suddenly discovered that Lin Ziming’s face had some paleness, and his original surging aura had also temporarily stagnated.
This is obviously the situation of de-strength!
After learning about this situation, he was stunned for a moment, and then he was ecstatic, shouting loudly, “Look! He is definitely not the realm of the gods! He is starting to lose strength, this is our perfect opportunity! Let’s go together! Cut off Lin Ziming’s head and dedicate it to the leader!!!”
Mo Yun and Mo Teng also discovered Lin Ziming’s situation, and they immediately swept away the panic on their faces, looked at each other, and immediately rushed to Lin Ziming without any extra thinking.
When the Falcon team saw this scene, their eyes were splitting, thinking that Lin Ziming must be unlucky.
Only the corners of Lin Ziming’s mouth raised slightly, his eyes showed a successful conspiracy smile.

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