A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1922

Lin Ziming didn’t look back, so he continued to run with his head buried.
Moreover, when he ran like this, his momentum was declining. At the same time, he gave people a panic and unbearable appearance, which seemed to be the end of the battle.
And the more he looked like this, the more excited the many followers of the sacred religion, they all grinned and made a quack, in their eyes, Lin Ziming seemed to have become a delicious food.
Sacred religions are called evil sects. In addition to their evil practices, they also have their ideas, their purposes, and their thoughts. They are all evil.
Even in the martial world, they are like rats crossing the street!
Before looking for Lin Ziming’s Nuwazong in the country, she was bullied by the Holy Cult a lot.
They are also under tremendous pressure in the martial arts over the past few years, and they have only begun to emerge from the world.
And in these years, they have also massacred many secular people.
Unfortunately, they have met Lin Ziming now, and they are destined to pay a heavy price for their actions! ! !
Finally, Lin Ziming ran to the edge of Green Island.
Here, there are already more than ten kilometers away from the many agents of the Falcon team.
Here, Lin Ziming will have no worries and can show his fist.
Soon, there were other Saints who came here, forming a circle, and surrounded Lin Ziming.
All of them had terrifying grins on their faces.
“Lin Ziming, can’t you run anymore?”
Mo Teng sneered, staring straight at Lin Ziming, full of greed and violence. In his eyes, Lin Ziming had already become a food.
Mo Yan even laughed wantonly, “Hahahaha, Lin Ziming, you are now finally in my hands!! You were not very arrogant just now, with one enemy and one hundred, it is very beautiful! It’s a pity, you I’m still too young, and I ran out of strength ahead of time! Now, you are dead!!”
Mo Yun stared at him directly, swallowing continuously.
“Don’t talk nonsense with him, you can’t give him a chance to recover! Let’s go together!!”
He made a gesture, and then gave an order to let everyone go together and kill him while he was sick! !
I have to say that these sacred followers still have very strong psychological qualities. They were clearly killed by Lin Ziming just now, but now they are full of fighting spirit.
Their actions were the same, just like locusts, they immediately attacked Lin Ziming.
However, it was at this moment that Lin Ziming laughed.
Moreover, his originally weak aura suddenly changed at this moment, and it immediately became surging, and its intensity was even stronger than just now! ! !
His changes immediately made everyone confused. What is the situation?
Didn’t it mean that Lin Ziming had already lost his strength?
While they were still in a daze, Lin Ziming had already begun to take action.
At the same time, there was a voice in his mouth, “You idiots, do you really think I’m out of strength? I just brought you here so that I can kill you all at once.”
Hearing this voice, all of them were shocked.
Especially the three war generals of Moteng, Moyun and Moyan, they realized that something was wrong, but there was no regret medicine.
Lin Ziming started to take action, and it was even more violent than before, and even more powerful than before! ! !

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