A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1923

After the voice fell, Lin Ziming shot.
His figure disappeared directly in place.
The speed can be said to be reaching the extreme.
When he appeared again, he was already in front of the Demon Cloud, and then covered it from top to bottom with a palm, rumbling, to Demon Cloud, it was as if the entire sky had collapsed.
That is a kind of extreme despair and pressure!
Even when he raised his head, he couldn’t even see the sky or the sunlight. He could only see the palms that kept getting closer and bigger, covering his entire world!
He uttered an unwilling roar. At this moment, he felt the crisis of life and death. The blood and cells in his body were boiling at this moment, and he used all his strength to meet Lin Ziming’s palm.
It can be said that he aroused all his potential in an instant, a huge momentum turned into a storm, emanating from his body, even people in the distance can feel his power. And his kind of confrontation!
“The magic cloud is desperate!!”
This was Mo Yan and Mo Teng’s momentary thoughts. They knew Mo Yun very well and knew Mo Yun’s strength. Now Mo Yun’s performance is desperate, and it is still desperate to overdraw the body.
They are not the parties involved, and they cannot fully feel the pressure brought by Lin Ziming, but they can also judge from the performance of the magic cloud that the pressure of the magic cloud must be extremely huge now, otherwise the magic cloud will not face each other. Just desperately!
Their reaction was not unpleasant. After knowing that the magic cloud was starting to work hard, they were idle, and immediately reacted. They roared together, a powerful sound wave erupted from their mouths, and then at the same time. Lin Ziming launched the fiercest attack.
This was almost in a flash, Lin Ziming and the three soldiers of Shengjiao had already launched a fierce fight, and meeting was a big killer move, which can be said to be extremely fierce!
Under this circumstance, if Lin Ziming wanted to kill Demon Cloud, he would definitely be killed by Demon Flame and Demon Teng.
It has to be said that the three soldiers of Shengjiao are still very strong. Everyone has surpassed Jian Rushuang and reached a top level.
If the three of them work together, there is really no opponent in the realm of the gods.
Still the same sentence, it’s a pity that the person they met was Lin Ziming, so they were doomed, and they would definitely drink hatred.
So when Lin Ziming faced this situation, he just raised the corners of his mouth slightly, showing an expression of disdain, and he didn’t even look at the attacks of Demon Flame and Demon Teng in his eyes.
He continued to kill the Demon Cloud, this palm was still covered as expected, even if the Demon Cloud had exhausted all his energy, he could not resist it when he set up his hands to block it!
There was a bang, followed by the sound of cracking bones.
There was a scene that shocked everyone.
I saw the powerful Demon Cloud, under Lin Ziming’s palm, it couldn’t bear it directly. The whole person was heavily plunged into the ground, leaving only half of his head left.
At the same time, Mo Yan and Mo Teng’s attacks also reached both sides of Lin Ziming, just as soon as they were about to fall on Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming suddenly twisted his body, and in an extremely weird and exaggerated posture, he directly avoided the killing blow of the two of them!
And, immediately after, Lin Ziming kicked it out, just like playing football. The magic cloud in the ground uttered a desperate and panic shout, “Devil Flame Moteng, save me… ..”
But his words were still not complete, and he heard a puff, his head was directly kicked and exploded by Lin Ziming.
And his request for help came to an abrupt end.
The followers of the Innate Realm who rushed over were stunned when they discovered this scene!

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