A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1928

Now that they have this opportunity to take revenge, they will naturally not be merciful.
Mo Yan felt their anger and murderous intent, and was so scared that his whole body was trembling, desperately begging for mercy, “I was wrong, I was wrong, please…ah!!!”
Before he had finished speaking, he was torn to pieces by the Falcon team.
Lin Ziming watched them take revenge without stopping. Now he is also beginning to adjust his breathing. He looked very relaxed just now, but in fact he still consumed a lot of energy, and now he is slowly recovering.
However, after the battle just now, his strength has indeed improved a lot!
He found that he had a special system, that is, the more intense the battle, the easier it is to improve!
Recalling carefully, the improvement of his realm over the years has mainly benefited from fighting.
Including the initial battle with Wu Meizi, and later, on the Lion Mountain, when he seized the heaven and the earth, he was chased by the sword Rushuang, nine deaths, etc…
Therefore, he has a strong hunch, if he wants to break through to the realm of the gods, then he should also need a hearty battle!
Only in this level of battle, he can break through!
And with his current realm, fighting against an innate realm master is already meaningless and can’t bring him the slightest improvement.
Even if there are more Innate Realm masters, the same is true.
In other words, at his level, if you want to make better progress, you must be at the same level as him, or even a master of the realm of God!
And the best master of the realm of God is the leader of the Holy Church, Asura!
Or, the super strong from the beautiful country, Adam!
Although there is a Queen in the Eagle Country, he and Her Royal Highness are now friends, and it can only be regarded as a discussion with her Royal Highness. You can’t let go of your hand and fight with all your strength. This is also not good for him.
If he is in good condition, he can stay and wait for Ashura to arrive, but he is not in good condition now, so he still has to withdraw.
Because he knows that every believer of Shengjiao has a special chip installed in his body. Once he dies, he will sound an alarm and send out a positioning signal.
This point, he also learned from Her Royal Highness.
So at this time, he has to leave early.
After everyone in the Falcon team had finished venting, Mo Yan was too dead to die, and Lin Ziming began to take the Falcon team away.
This time, the Falcon team actually brought a big blow.
Originally they thought that their strength was extraordinary, but after this period of time, they realized that they were still too far away. In the face of real super powers, their strength was not enough!
It’s not what happened today. The rescue of a few scientists a while ago, if Lin Ziming hadn’t taken the initiative, they would have fallen long ago, and it would be impossible to complete the mission!
This also strengthened their idea of ​​returning to China for further studies.
Lin Ziming expressed support for their idea. This is their decision. Besides, their information has been exposed to the hands of the Shengjiao. If they continue to stay, it will only be more dangerous. It is also a good decision to return to China. .
So that day, the Falcon team went back, and Lin Ziming also went back to Her Royal Highness the Queen. He planned to make adjustments and rush directly to the beautiful country.
However, at the same time, the fact that he killed the Demon Flames on Green Island was spread out, causing a lot of shock! ! !
And that night, his name appeared on a mysterious list.

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