A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1929

There are a total of ten names on this list, all of which are the strongest in the world today!
Among them, ranked first, the Eastern Sect’s Xiaoyao King, the second is the Western Sect’s Bu Jingyun, and the third is the Northern Sect’s Sakyamuni!
Now, Lin Ziming’s name appeared on the tenth, squeezing the original tenth Shenjun flaming scythe.
You know, the list on this list has been maintained for more than ten years without any changes.
Even if it is ranked in the tenth Divine Horse Fire Scythe, it is also an absolute genius. He has fought countless times in his life, and his strength is extremely powerful. Even a master of the God-Communication Realm, he may not be able to defeat the Divine Horse Fire Scythe.
But now, he was pushed down by a mysterious man named Lin Ziming!
what’s going on?
For many people in the world, it doesn’t feel too much, but for people in the sect, it is a thing that can cause a sensation!
Because, on this list, there are seven people ranked, all from the sect, only three people are from the world, and these three people are ranked seventh, eighth and ninth respectively.
And now, the appearance of Lin Ziming is equivalent to the appearance of four people on the list in the world!
This is an amazing thing! !
At the same time, all over the world, as long as it is people who noticed this list, they have raised doubts one after another.
“Who is this man named Lin Ziming?! Actually replaced the god horse with the fire sickle?”
“Have you ever heard of it, is this a person in the world?”
“Lin Ziming, this name sounds very ordinary. Is it a mistake in the list? You know, Shenjun Fire Scythe, I heard that he has recently retreated and has made a breakthrough. He wants to make the top five, but he was ranked by this guy. Out of the list? It’s incredible!”
“Anyway, Fengxianbang has never missed it. This Lin Ziming must have done something important. Only when his strength is reached can he be able to top the Shenjun Fire Sickle!”
“Check! Let’s see who Lin Ziming is sacred, from which force, can you win him over?”
“The people who can be on the list of immortals are all geniuses among geniuses. Every one of them has no stepping into the Tongshen realm, but they all have the strength to fight against the Tongshen realm! Especially the top three Xiaoyao King, step Jingyun and Sakyamuni, the three of them are even more capable of hunting down the powers of the God-level Realm, and they are known as super geniuses that cannot be produced in a thousand years!”
“Feng Xian Bang has been maintained for too long, and it should have changed.”
“Yeah, the world has been too boring these days, a pool of stagnant water, I hope that Lin Ziming, who was suddenly killed, can stir this muddy water!”
“Why do I have a feeling that this Lin Ziming is interesting? I’m sure it will be able to upset the Seal of Immortals. That would be very interesting, hahahaha!”
“It’s really possible, have you all forgotten? The secret realm is about to be opened, when the innate realm Dzogchen master will lead to the secret realm, these few people on the immortal list should also lead, if the time comes If Lin Ziming also goes, maybe he can really make some noise.”
“Hey, the last time the Secret Realm was opened, we killed a lot of worldly geniuses. I don’t know how many people will die in the world this time. I really look forward to it, hahaha…”
Similar sounds sounded all over the world.
They are all super masters with extraordinary strength, because the immortal ranking list can only be reached by masters of a certain level.
For Lin Ziming, who has attracted the attention of the world’s strongest players, he still doesn’t have this awareness. He doesn’t know that there is still a seal of immortality, let alone that he has already been given this title because of his deeds on Green Island. Xianbang.
Now he, returned to the Queen’s House, prepared to retreat for three days, adjusted his state to the best, and then went to the beautiful country to challenge Adam!
During these three days, Alice would come to him every day, wanting to talk to him and share her affairs in the royal family.
Now Alice has gradually become acquainted with her identity as the prince prince. In the royal family, she is also in a hurry. With the help of her Royal Highness, she is slowly consolidating her position.

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