A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1930

In itself, she was not an incompetent person. On the contrary, because of her Chinese ancestry, she had a unique talent in the area of ​​tactics. Soon, she relied on her ability to consolidate her position.
Time goes back to three days ago.
In the Eagle Dog Country, a mysterious place.
There was a sound of anger shaking the mountain: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”
When everyone heard this sound, their hearts beat faster, and they were terrified like never before.
They all knelt down and bowed to the ground, not daring to make any movements.
Including those who are strong in the high stage of the innate realm, they also dare not move.
Because they all felt it, the leader of Asura was super angry.
In fact, they have followed Ashura for so long, and they have never seen Ashura so angry and gaffey!
Even if it was the last time that the mission of the Holy Religion failed, several scientists from China were taken away, and many believers were killed, he was not so angry.
This time, Asura was completely angry. For all of them, Asura’s anger was like a volcanic eruption, the end of the world!
You must know that Asura is a strong man in the realm of divinity. The so-called divinity means literally. It has transcended the category of human beings and already belongs to the attributes of gods.
Just like animal instinct, mice face cats and chickens face the fear of eagles.
All warriors in the realm of the gods are absolute ants in front of the strong people of the realm of gods.
They don’t know why, so properly, the leader Asura would be so furious!
Could it be that what has happened and failed? ?
Some quick-thinking people quickly think of the key.
At exactly this time, the team led by Moyan, Moyun, and Moteng arrested many agents of the Falcon team, and was about to threaten Lin Ziming and punish him.
Could it be that Demon Flame’s mission failed?
However, even if the mission failed, according to Ashura’s temperament, he wouldn’t be so gaffe.
Suddenly, a terrible thought came to their minds.
Next, they heard a sound of footsteps shaking the mountain, and a sound of rapid breathing. It was the leader Asura coming out, and his face was full of ferociousness, and his eyes were full of anger!
“Army, go with this seat to Green Island!!”
Asura gave an order coldly, and then he hurried directly to Green Island.
His speed is extremely fast, less than twenty minutes, his people have already descended on Green Island.
Moreover, he saw a scene that made his eyes cracked and raging.
I saw that on Green Island, there were all corpses, all the corpses of his followers!
Even his three generals were dead.
This unprecedented blow made him attack his heart with blood and energy, and when he rolled his eyes, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

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