A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1931

Other believers saw that their leader was vomiting blood with anger, and they did not dare to take a step forward, and now they were also caught in extreme fear and shock.
On this Green Island, all the corpses of the holy religion lay, especially the deaths of the three great generals of Demon Flame, Demon Teng, and Demon Cloud, which greatly stimulated them!
Originally, they were all fearless and violent and cruel masters.
However, when they saw this situation, they couldn’t help but have an unprecedented fear of Lin Ziming!
You know, even if they belong to the sect, they are considered to be the second group, only under the four sects. When did they suffer such a big loss?
But now, in just over a month, their sacred religion has suffered tremendous damage and blows.
And the culprit of all this is the secular middleman named Lin Ziming!
It is also because of this that Lin Ziming was able to board the immortal ranking list after the message was spread.
Let all the masters in the world notice the name Lin Ziming at the same time!
Even many people in the world know this name.
If Lin Ziming was in the Kung Fu Cup before, he was only famous for the martial artists in the world, but this time, he was on the list of immortals, and his weight was much larger than the champion of the Kung Fu Cup!
In fact, in the eyes of many masters, the champion of the Kung Fu Cup is nothing but a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen.
Especially for the strong in the sect, it is even less worth mentioning, because they are all martial arts, and everyone’s talent is far beyond the martial arts in the world. There are not a few masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen within forty years of age.
However, to be on the list of immortals, the nature is completely different!
After Lin Ziming came out of the retreat, Her Royal Highness greeted her and said with a smile, “Lin, you are well-known throughout the world. It is estimated that even the geniuses in the martial arts have noticed you.”
Lin Ziming didn’t know that he was on the list of immortals. He tidied up his clothes and said with a smile, “I don’t seem to have done too much. Why have the geniuses in the school noticed me? ”
He thought that Her Royal Highness was joking with him.
I saw Her Royal Highness smile and said, “You don’t have any big things to do? You killed dozens of Shengjiao followers on Green Island, especially the three warlords of Demon Flame, Demon Cloud, and Demon Teng, all died at you. In his hands, this matter has spread, and now you are on the top of the immortal ranking list, and your future is limitless. But this is a good thing, and it is also a crisis. You will have many masters coming over to challenge you.”
“Feng Xian Bang?”
It was the first time that Lin Ziming heard this name, and asked with some doubts, “What is this list of immortals?”
Her Royal Highness was also a little surprised when she saw his reaction, and said, “Lin, don’t you know the Fengxian Bang?”
Lin Ziming shook his head with a wry smile, and said, “I don’t know, what is this thing, it sounds like it’s amazing?”
Her Royal Highness looked at Lin Ziming earnestly and confirmed that Lin Ziming did not lie. She was still very surprised. In her opinion, at this level of Lin Ziming, she must have known the Fengxian Bang. But it also indirectly shows one thing, Lin Ziming’s strength has improved too fast, almost every once in a while, there will be considerable progress, far surpassing the speed of progress of ordinary warriors, and such things can happen.

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