A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1935

The corner of Lin Ziming’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a meaningful smile.
This is quite interesting. He just came out of the Eagle Dog Kingdom Royal Family, and someone actually followed him.
Moreover, the other party’s breath is very secretive. If it weren’t for his current realm, he would have improved a stage before he came to the Eagle Dog Country, and he would not be able to find the person who was following him.
Is it a sacred person?
Lin Ziming thought of this as his first reaction.
And according to his inference, this possibility is very high.
He is now in the Eagle Country, and his biggest enemy is the Holy Church.
Especially after he slaughtered so many believers on Green Island, the whole Sacred Church hated him.
And with his current strength, apart from the leader, all the other believers added up, it is impossible for him to be his opponent.
In this way, it is very likely that the leader was dispatched!
Lin Ziming was smiling on his face, but he was very cold deep in his heart. His original plan was to go to the beautiful country first, challenge Adam, and then come back to clean up the Ashura.
Now that Asura himself came to the door first, he didn’t mind to compete with Asura first.
This was his first life and death confrontation with a master of the God-Communication Realm, and he was still very much looking forward to it.
I hope Ashura can surprise him.
So he pretended not to know anything, and went on walking towards the airport.
The other party really followed, and the tracking technology was very superb, hiding his aura very well, if it hadn’t been for Lin Ziming’s attention all the time, he would not have found it!
Finally, when Lin Ziming got on a bus, this breath began to break for a while, and then reappeared behind him, tracking him tightly!
However, Lin Ziming had been unable to detect the opponent’s realm, and he was not sure whether the opponent was in the realm of the gods or innate.
This also indirectly shows that the strength of this Asura is very powerful, and he can hide his aura sufficiently!
It is still coaxing the city. If there is a fight here, it will cause huge damage, which is not what Lin Ziming wants to see.
So he changed his mind, and after getting off the bus, he rented a car by himself and drove towards the suburbs.
If the other party is also following, then you should know that Lin Ziming has discovered his existence.
Sure enough, after Lin Ziming made this action, the aura behind disappeared for a while, because the distance was so far away that even Lin Ziming could not find it.
However, after three minutes passed, this breath reappeared. Obviously, the other party is catching up again.
It seems that it should be Asura undoubtedly.
Soon, Lin Ziming drove the car to a remote place, stopped, and walked out.
Looking in the direction of breath.
In his sight, soon, another black car appeared.
From Lin Ziming’s point of view, the car is unmanned, because there is no one in the driving position, which seems a bit weird.
However, Lin Ziming was not half nervous. He already felt that the master who followed him was in the car, just hiding it.

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