A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1936

Sure enough, this car ran straight into him!
Moreover, the speed is still abnormally fast, exceeding a hundred yards, if it really hits Lin Ziming, it will definitely cause huge damage.
If it is an ordinary person, if you get hit like this, you will be killed on the spot, and everyone will fly tens of meters away.
However, when Lin Ziming faced this situation, he did not dodge, but put his hands in his pockets and quietly watched the car approaching.
When the car arrived and was about to hit, Lin Ziming stretched out his foot and kicked it on the front of the car, only to hear a loud bang!
The Yiliang car that was driving so fast, the car weighed more than three thousand jin, but was kicked by Lin Ziming and the front of the car was sunken in! !
The most terrifying thing is that Lin Ziming’s power is extremely huge. Not only did the front of the car dent in, but the whole car also flew up, spinning twice in the air, and then fell to the ground and became a pile of scrap iron. Then it ignites spontaneously.
While in the air, the door of this car was opened, and a graceful figure sprang out of the car, and his posture was still a little embarrassed.
Moreover, the strangest thing is, how does Lin Ziming feel as if he has seen this figure somewhere?
Yes, this is a woman, not a man.
According to Her Royal Highness, Asura, the leader of the sacred religion, is a man, and he is still a tall one.
In an instant, Lin Ziming was also a little puzzled. Under what circumstances, is it possible that the person who followed him was not Asura, but someone else?
After a while, that graceful figure finally landed, his hair was a bit messy, and his posture was a little embarrassed. Obviously, he didn’t think of Lin Ziming’s violence and kicked the car into the air.
She thought Lin Ziming would avoid it!
It seemed that she still underestimated Lin Ziming’s strength too much.
She is wearing a tights, which outlines her hot figure vividly.
Moreover, her face is also extremely beautiful, pure and lusty looks, it makes people look at it, and will have sex. .
But when Lin Ziming saw this face, he was immediately taken aback, because he had already remembered that this woman was the same woman he met at the celebration banquet when he was still in China.
What’s your name?
It comes from the sect, and it seems to be called Nuwazong.
This was really beyond Lin Ziming’s expectation. He originally thought that it would be Ashura to be able to follow him in the Eagle Dog Country so bold.
Of course, even if this was an’acquaintance’, Lin Ziming did not immediately lose his vigilance and hostility.
Because the other party has had many opportunities to come over and greet him, but the other party didn’t do this, but kept following them, especially just now, when they drove and hit him at such a fast speed, it was clear that they wanted to murder him!
Since the other party wants to murder him, then he will not be merciless.
The woman coughed twice, with some dissatisfaction on her face, and said: “Lin Ziming, you are too violent, I almost…Uh!!!”
However, she didn’t finish her words, she felt her eyes go dark, and then she felt her neck firmly grasped by a pair of big hands, but her hands and feet began to vacate.
In an instant, she felt a breath of death!
She immediately looked up, but saw a pair of indifferent eyes with endless murderous intent and majesty, which made her brain blank, from the fear in her bones.
“Say, why do you want to follow me!” Lin Ziming said coldly, and there was no pity for her because she was a super beautiful woman.

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