A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1937

Liu Qingcheng was stunned.
She obviously didn’t expect that Lin Ziming would be so desperate, so cold and ruthless, and without saying hello, he directly choked her neck and murdered her.
Especially when she looked at the eyes that Lin Ziming was looking at, she felt terrified, shivering, her brain went blank for a moment, and she couldn’t think of anything.
Finally, she felt that her neck was getting tighter and tighter, and even breathing became a difficult thing, and she began to panic.
She could feel that Lin Ziming was not joking with her. If she could not say a satisfactory answer, then the man in front of her would really kill her!
You must know that by virtue of her stunning face, whether in the martial world or in the secular world, she can live like a fish in water, and how many men have to turn around her and dump under her pomegranate skirt.
This made her think that as long as she was willing, there was no man in the world that she could not be attracted to.
Until the Lin Ziming in front of him, he didn’t eat her at all, because she was about to kill her because of a little joke.
She started to panic when she was still real, and quickly said, “Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings! Instructor Lin, I’m here to invite you!!!”
She said it quickly, because she had a feeling that if she spoke slowly, the man in front of her would really break her neck, which was terrible.
Sure enough, Lin Ziming was slightly surprised when he heard her words, then frowned slightly, and asked, “I don’t know you what you invited me to do.”
“What, don’t you know?” Liu Qingcheng said with a surprised look, “Instructor Lin, didn’t we meet each other when we were in China? How long has it been since then?!”
She opened her eyes wide, with a very unbelievable look, which seemed to be very difficult to accept. Lin Ziming did not remember this incident.
For her, this is a huge blow!
You know, after seeing her, which man didn’t dream of her.
Even if you don’t say that you have a crush, at least you will not forget her.
But Lin Ziming actually said that he didn’t know her, it was too shocking! !
Lin Ziming felt that the other party was murderous towards him, relaxed a little, then let go of her, and said, “What are you following me for?”
After Liu Qingcheng was let go, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a sense of escape after the catastrophe. The murderous intent Lin Ziming gave her just now was really terrifying.
She simply tidyed up her clothes, especially when tidying up the top, she also deliberately fiddled with her plumpness, deliberately teasing Lin Ziming.
But Lin Ziming’s performance disappointed her, because Lin Ziming didn’t even look at her at all.
Good fellow, she was showing her feelings to the blind.
The man in front of her still brought a lot of blows to her, making her feel discouraged.
After she breathed smoothly, she said, “My name is Liu Qingcheng and I come from the Nuwa Sect. I am here to see you this time. It is the opinion of our Sect Master and invite you to be a guest at our Sect.”
Lin Ziming was somewhat surprised at her answer, Nuwazong wanted to invite him to be a guest?
What does this mean, to draw him in, or a banquet?
From Peng Zhuo, he had some understanding of Nuwa sect, and knew that this was a female-dominated sect. Among them, their practice style was Meishu. Each of them was very good-looking, superb and able to Charm the men of the world, especially their suzerain, the charming technique is even more superb!

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