A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1941

These little bastards, at first glance, knew that they weren’t good people. They were all tattooed, and the look and air on their faces were obviously bastards.
They were now squinting their eyes to look at Lin Ziming, and they revealed that they had no good intentions. It was obvious that Lin Ziming’s idea had already been hit.
Lin Ziming seemed to be ignorant. He continued to take out some money and even asked his boss, “Boss, may I ask, where is there a bank nearby? I have too much cash with me and I need to deposit some money.” .”
He said this sentence quite loudly, it can be said that the whole restaurant heard it, and the attention was also turned over!
Moreover, they saw it as expected. Lin Ziming held a small amount of money in his hand. It was thick, and they knew that it was a lot of money, at least 100,000! ! !
At this moment, not only the few malicious gangsters, even other people, there was a green light in their eyes, staring directly at Lin Ziming.
In their eyes, Lin Ziming has become a fat sheep.
And it’s still fat sheep!
But isn’t it? Lin Ziming is alone, he is still a Chinese, and he has so much cash with him. He is a big fat sheep. Even if Lin Ziming is robbed, there will be no consequences!
It can be said that not only those small gangsters, but even some ordinary people, have already acted maliciously.
Constantly swallowing saliva, a little bit of wanting to rob Lin Ziming.
How did Lin Ziming not know the reaction of these people?
In fact, he did this completely on purpose. He came to the beautiful country and was different from the Eagle Dog country.
When he went to the Eagle Dog Country, he was already prepared. If he wanted to make friends with Her Royal Highness, he naturally couldn’t make trouble in the Eagle Dog Country.
However, he is another performance in the beautiful country. He and the beautiful country originally had grudges, and Adam once had a murderous intent on him. Even if he honestly went to Adam, then Adam would not treat him in a good manner. he.
How smart is Lin Ziming, how could he do such a hot face and cold ass?
Therefore, before he came to the beautiful country, he had already made up his mind to coax the matter well, so that Adam had to come forward to deal with him!
At that time, he can take advantage of the opportunity to challenge Adam.
Moreover, the reason why he did this is that he made an idea, that is, people in Beautiful Country generally look down on Chinese people. Then, he has finally come to the Beautiful Country now, it is naturally impossible to come in vain!
He took advantage of this opportunity to make a good reputation among Chinese people in the beautiful country, letting them know that Chinese people are not easy to bully!
For him, this is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.
As for how to make trouble, the simple way is to first show off their wealth and attract these gangsters to his idea.

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