A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1945

Lin Ziming didn’t speak, but he wanted to see what this young woman would say.
“You bastards, I’ve been paying attention to you for a long time! You have specifically targeted the Chinese people who have placed orders, and all kinds of robberies are unforgivable! Last week, there was another Chinese woman who committed suicide by being tainted by you! You are just a bunch of beasts! Today I am going to act for the sky and arrest you and go to jail!!!”
The young woman was full of anger and hatred.
After Lin Ziming heard it, his murderous intent was even worse. He knew that these gangsters were bad guys and had done a lot of bad things, but he didn’t expect that he was such a beast, and he even specially selected the Chinese to start.
If he didn’t meet him, then forget it. Now that he meets him, it will naturally not make them feel better!
However, after listening to these gangsters, they were half panicked or guilty. Instead, they laughed wildly, “It turns out that you are also Chinese, very good. Today you are both Chinese. We like it the most. Start with you Chinese!”
“Yes, you Chinese are all rubbish, the most cowardly race in the world, who is a cow and a horse in our beautiful country, and is unwilling to leave. We are bullied, so I don’t dare to resist, hahaha.”
“Speaking of which, you Chinese women have a good taste, hahaha…”
Hearing these words in Lin Ziming’s ears immediately made him angry, and the serious murder was even worse!
“Asshole!” The young woman couldn’t listen anymore, her face full of anger, “You beasts, who have done so many bad things, will definitely go to hell! Now I want to arrest you all! Let you go to jail, Imprisonment for life!!!”
After speaking, she was ready to take action.
She seems to have practiced some mixed martial arts, and she looks like a tiger, but Lin Ziming can tell at a glance. She is not good at all, and she is not even a three-legged cat. It is purely a food delivery.
So these gangsters didn’t even put her in their eyes.
The young woman took the shot first, and the electric baton in her hand slammed hard at the gangster in front of her.
However, both the action and the strength were still too weak, and there was no danger to the opponent at all. It was easily passed by the opponent, and then the opponent easily grabbed her wrist and molested her. He said, “Hahaha, even if you are capable, you dare to be nosy? I think you are also a Chinese woman. Today it will be cheaper for us, hahahaha…”
When he finished speaking, his big mouth full of yellow teeth, he was about to gnaw on the young woman’s face.
The young woman’s complexion changed and she was particularly nauseous. Fortunately, her reaction speed was not too slow. She quickly made the next reaction, which was to lift her right foot vigorously and kick her opponent’s crotch hard. In the past, there was a bang, the kick was hit, and the other party also screamed like a pig.
“Ah!!! Damn! Grass mud horse!!! I want to kill you, I must kill you!”
The other party was screaming frantically.
The other gangsters also turned ugly, and surrounded the young woman together, and they were about to make a move.
At this time, the young woman tried to resist, but she had a body of justice and passion, but her level was really bad. She was not the opponent of these gangsters at all, and she resisted in two or two times and was thrown to the ground.
Lin Ziming shook his head. At this moment, he stood up and said, “Your strength is still too weak. Next time you encounter such a thing, you should choose to report to the police first, and don’t risk it yourself.”
After hearing Lin Ziming’s words, they remembered that Lin Ziming was here.
After the young woman listened, she opened her eyes wide and said to him, “You run quickly! These guys are extremely vicious beasts, and you fell into their hands, it’s miserable!”

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