A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1947

But isn’t it? For them, this scene was too shocking and subverted too much.
You know, that bully is tall and big, weighing more than two hundred catties, half a head higher than Lin Ziming, so he was kicked by Lin Ziming?
And it’s not the kind of exaggerated modification. It’s really kicked by a kick. To them, it doesn’t seem to be something that humans can do. Instead, it’s hit by a high-speed car. The same!
Especially for the remaining gangsters, they felt their scalp numb in an instant, and the whole person was in a state of shock.
Even the young woman was stunned now, in disbelief, and once suspected that she was wrong.
Lin Ziming just clapped his hands. Using his current state to deal with these ordinary people, it was no different from trampling a few ants to death.
Originally, based on his realm and status, he shouldn’t attack such ordinary people. However, these gangsters are obviously not ordinary people, but heinous criminals, especially the Chinese people, with Lin Ziming’s. In terms of character, naturally they will not let them go.
Seeing them stunned, Lin Ziming took a step forward and said, “You dare to take a heavy hand on my Chinese compatriots. Today, let me, a Chinese, avenge those Chinese who have been bullied by you.”
He rarely said this seriously.
For those gangsters, after hearing this sentence, they felt cold all over and their scalp numb. They suddenly realized that the Chinese in front of them was different from the Chinese people they had met before. .
Grumblingly swallowed, they all couldn’t help feeling a little scared, and looked at each other, not knowing whether to shoot or retreat.
Lin Ziming didn’t smile, and he didn’t rush to take action immediately. For these bastards, if they were to be killed too easily, it would be cheaper for them.
“Why, you were so arrogant just now, and now you are scared, I think you are nothing but this, your beautiful country people are just a group of cowards.” Lin Ziming laughed disdainfully.
Suddenly, those gangsters were pissed off, “You are looking for death!”
“Jordan, let’s go together! We must kill this damned Chinese!!”
They drank alcohol in the restaurant just now, and they were also more violent people. Now Lin Ziming’s aggressive method immediately began to be vicious again and wanted to kill Lin Ziming.
They all took out small knives, grinned, surrounded Lin Ziming, and then shot together.
It can be seen that although they are ordinary people, they often fight, and their shots are more powerful than ordinary people.
It’s just that in front of Lin Ziming, it was too much to see.
Lin Ziming just smiled coldly, he didn’t dodge, nor did he make a move, so he let these punk knives stab him at will.
After seeing this scene, the young woman behind her suddenly widened her eyes and screamed in horror!
She has only one thought in her mind now, it’s over, this Chinese has played off, and was stabbed to death by these gangsters! ! !
Although she has a strong sense of justice in her bones, seeing her compatriots being stabbed to death with her own eyes was a great stimulus to her.
The grinning smiles on the faces of those bastards became more intense.

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