A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1948

But then, they found something was wrong.
Because their knives didn’t pierce Lin Ziming’s body, they heard a few bangs. The feeling seemed to be stabbed on the iron plate instead of on the human body.
But how is this possible?
What kind of body is Lin Ziming, his physique has reached an inhuman strength, even if he is standing still and being stabbed by these guys, he can’t be stabbed into his skin. This is not a joke.
“You only have this strength. Since this is the case, you can go on the road.” Lin Ziming smiled faintly, and then shot it, directly slapped it out. The bastard standing in front of him simply couldn’t react. The astonishment still lingered, Lin Ziming’s slap was slapped and flew upside down. He didn’t even scream, and died on the spot. When his body fell, his neck became crooked.
The expression on his face was also full of pain and amazement.
When he died, he didn’t know how he was slapped to death.
There were three gangsters left. Upon seeing this scene, their pupils were shrinking rapidly, an unprecedented fear swept their hearts, and they screamed out, “Devil! This is the devil!!!”
After they shouted, they threw down their daggers, turned and fled.
They have been frightened by Lin Ziming, aren’t they? They have been on the road for so long, and they have never seen such a terrifying existence.
In their opinion, the Chinese man in front of him is no longer a human being, but the devil, Satan!
“Want to run? Late.”
Lin Ziming just smiled faintly, and then he stepped forward and caught up with the gangster in front of him. He directly kicked it over and heard a loud noise. The other party’s waist was simply touched by Lin Ziming. Kick off, the whole person presents a weird posture! !
The body also slammed into the pillar next to him, and with great strength, he smashed the pillar directly.
And when the opponent fell down, he didn’t die immediately, but suffered endless pain and fear.
At this moment, there were only two gangsters left. Even though they had already used the strength of feeding to escape, how could Lin Ziming run past them?
Don’t talk about them, even if the innate realm Great Perfection is strong, there is absolutely no possibility of escape in front of Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming’s figure flashed, and he appeared in front of them, staring at them, “You can’t run.”
Then he stretched out his hand, grabbed the neck of a bastard on the right, lifted it up with one hand, and easily threw it to the side. With a bang, with a huge impact, he directly hit the opponent and broke his internal organs. The skeleton of the whole body also fell apart directly, and he was bleeding with mouthfuls.
Even on the wall, a puddle of blood also appeared.
This scene, for the remaining bastard, the impact is too big, he can no longer describe his feelings, it is a kind of extreme fear, regret, despair! ! !
He regrets so much now that he knew that this Chinese was so perverted and gave him a hundred courage, but he didn’t dare to trouble him!
He realized that he could never escape, so he knelt down and pleaded bitterly, “Respected Chinese, please let me go, please let me go…”

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