A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1951

In a luxurious villa, there are more than a dozen powerful men, all beautiful Chinese with thick eyebrows and big eyes.
They are all swallowing the clouds and driving the fog, with many tattoos on their bodies, and they know that they are not easy to provoke.
Especially the big man sitting in the main seat is two meters tall, and his body is as strong as a bear.
There is a long knife scar on his face, and his expression reveals extremely fierce and fierceness. At a glance, he knows that he is the eldest brother, and he is of the kind with a very high position.
If ordinary people saw him, they would definitely be frightened.
In fact, he is the eldest brother of the black organization in this area, called Tony. He has hundreds of subordinates, and his main goal is to make a fortune with the gray business, especially the weak Chinese.
According to statistics, in the past ten years, he has bullied more than a thousand Chinese people, and many of them died in his hands. They were cruel characters.
He is the enemy of the Chinese in this area, and he is also a nightmare.
Now he listened to these reports, his face was extremely ugly.
Anyone who knows him knows that he is just on the verge of erupting, just like a volcanic crater. No one dares to speak any more, because they all know that this big brother is not easy to provoke!
Recently, a mysterious Chinese man appeared suddenly and opposed his forces. A few days later, he took away a lot of his territory and injured a lot of his men. It can be said that it is not just that he was not released. In the eyes, he declared war directly!
He has forgotten how long it has been since no one has declared war on him, and that the opponent is still the Chinese he has always looked down upon, which makes him even more unbearable! !
“Where is this damn Chinese man now!?”
His tone was very low, revealing extreme anger and murderous intent.
All the men present knew that Tony was angry, and he was still very angry.
But there was no answer to his words, which made him very annoyed. He patted the table heavily and said angrily, “I’m so dumb to ask you something!”
They were all shocked. At this moment, a subordinate who was in charge of following up on this incident suddenly received a piece of information. After he opened it and saw it, his eyes lit up and he was surprised, “Boss, I know this damn thing Where are the Chinese!”
“Very good!” A grinning smile appeared on Tony’s face.
At the same time, Lin Ziming had just taken a Tony site and saved many Chinese.
He has now become a hero in the hearts of the Chinese people in this area. Many young people still have to learn martial arts from him. Lin Ziming refused and simply pointed them.
In the past few days, he has also learned that Chinese people in the beautiful country are indeed living more difficultly, and they are oppressed almost every day.
Originally they were desperate, until this time Lin Ziming appeared, like a savior, saved them, and made them respect and worship Lin Ziming extremely.
After Lin Ziming stayed and had a meal, he pointed out some young people, and then went back to his house to rest.
However, just how long he had left, he appeared directly here.
With a bang, the door of the warehouse was violently knocked open by an armored vehicle!
This huge movement immediately shocked all the Chinese people in the warehouse, and then they discovered that there were more than a dozen cars coming in together!
This kind of battle frightened them instantly.

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