A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1953

Then he started counting down.
“One, two…”
With a cruel sneer on his face, it seems that the Chinese people in front of him are not humans in his eyes, but only a group of poultry.
Even if he killed all these Chinese people, he wouldn’t have any shame in his heart.
When these Chinese people heard his countdown, they became more afraid and frightened. Almost all of them began to cry, and some even knelt down to beg for mercy.
When he finished counting, he was about to shoot. At this moment, someone finally couldn’t help but broke down and cried out for mercy, “I know where he is! I know where he is. Please don’t kill us.” !!!”
After the first person took the lead, a second person immediately began to stand up and say, “That person is called Lin Ziming, he just came from China, he is not here now, he just left… ..”
“Yes, yes, what he does has nothing to do with us…”
They finally couldn’t help it anymore and cried out.
Tony finally showed a smile on his face and said, “Very well, you are getting acquainted, and you are willing to betray your compatriots, hahahaha…you Chinese are so greedy for life and fear of death, and sell friends for glory. , Hahaha…”
He laughed so wildly, he looked down on the Chinese people in his bones.
These Chinese people are very angry and guilty after hearing this, but they have no way of doing it. They are also ordinary people and want to live.
“Now, call that Chinese man immediately and let him come, otherwise, you just wait to die!” Tony said coldly, full of threats.
“Yes Yes Yes……”
They didn’t dare to resist, and quickly agreed, then took out the phone with a slight tremor and began to call Lin Ziming.
In fact, they were still very guilty, after all, Lin Ziming hadn’t helped them little during this time.
But they really had no way. To survive, they could only betray Lin Ziming.
In fact, Lin Ziming in the corner didn’t blame them. On the contrary, he understood their practices very well. Strictly speaking, this is not a betrayal of friends for glory, but just instinct.
Every life in the world has the instinct to survive, and human beings have a strong desire to survive.
Moreover, this is also a correct method.
So, after the call was over, a short while later, in the corner of the warehouse, a cell phone ringing rang. Immediately, Tony and the others were taken aback, and immediately they stared at it!
In their sight, there appeared a slender Chinese young man who walked out unhurriedly, holding a mobile phone in his hand, and was ringing.
As for those Chinese, they turned around and saw Lin Ziming, all of them were surprised, and then they were ashamed, lowered their heads, embarrassed to look at each other with Lin Ziming.
Tony tilted his head, and he quickly realized it, with a joking smile on his face. To Lin Ziming, “It seems that you are the so-called hero of this group of Chinese people?”
Lin Ziming answered his words immediately, but simply shot the audience with his eyes, and simply counted. There were a total of 76 people on the other side, and every one of them exuded a suffocation. You can tell at a glance. Have done a lot of bad things.

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