A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1954

Even half of them still have a strong smell of blood, indicating that there is life on their hands, especially the most burly Tony in front of him, the smell of blood is even more intense, at least more than ten lives in his hands.
And most of them should be Chinese.
Lin Ziming just glanced at him, and he was very murderous.
He walked directly in front of Tony, without fear of these bastards, stared at Tony and said, “How many Chinese have you killed?”
Tony kept staring at Lin Ziming and found that Lin Ziming was not afraid of seeing this situation, and was a little surprised.
After hearing these words from Lin Ziming, he immediately laughed again, “You are the next one.”
Lin Ziming also smiled, “Really? Are you so confident that you can kill me?”
“You are very arrogant and asked for a helper? Let me guess, is it the so-called Chinese Gang? Or the Asian Gang.” Tony tilted his head and looked at Lin Ziming without a smile. That gesture was not at all effective. Lin Ziming put it in his eyes.
Lin Ziming said, “I came by myself.”
“Hahahaha.” However, Tony laughed when he heard this sentence, “Chinese, you are very humorous. It seems that you have practiced the Chinese Kungfu in your movie and can beat hundreds of us alone.”
Lin Ziming smiled and said, “Exactly, I can kill you rubbish in less than a minute.”
This sentence obviously angered Tony. Not only him, but the remaining seventy gangsters were also furious, thinking that Lin Ziming was too presumptuous, so he clearly didn’t put them in his eyes. ! !
The Chinese in front of him looks a little taller than the ordinary Chinese. He is so thin and has no sense of strength. Such a Chinese can beat a few of them. of!
And now, this Chinese person dares to speak so arrogantly, it’s almost reckless!
They were angry all at once.
Not only them, but even the Chinese people behind them are now wide-eyed, looking at Lin Ziming in worry and speechlessly, thinking that Lin Ziming is too arrogant and too arrogant.
Even if they knew that Lin Ziming was very good at playing, there was a limit after all. If one could play seven or eight, they would still understand.
However, there are more than seventy people here, and they are all big men with strong builds, with weapons and guns in their hands!
What did Lin Ziming use to fight against? Isn’t this different from sending to death?
Even the protagonists in the movie can’t achieve such a powerful combat effectiveness!
So they thought that Lin Ziming was absolutely arrogant and swollen, but this time he was about to kick the iron plate.
Tony laughed in anger, and he laughed out, “Good, good!!! You, a Chinese, are very confident, you are the most confident of so many Chinese people I have seen! It seems that you are the rebirth of Bruce Lee, but I am Let’s see if you really have such an ability!!”
When he finished speaking, he directly greeted him, and a dozen of his subordinates walked out at the same time, surrounded Lin Ziming, stared at him, and wanted to take action at any time.
And they all had weapons in their hands, including big knives, electric batons, and iron rods. They were very fierce. Even the super special forces would have nothing but hatred in this situation!
However, Lin Ziming just shook his head and said, “You are too weak, let’s go together.”

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