A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1955

Tony and others, when they heard Lin Ziming’s words at first, they thought they had misheard them.
Lin Ziming, this guy, dare to let them go together?
After a brief astonishment, what they reacted is not anger, but thinking that this Chinese must be crazy.
Only people who are crazy can do such a deadly thing.
Don’t talk about them, even those Chinese people think that Lin Ziming is dying, and it is still unreasonable.
Tony shook his head, and he said, “Since you want to die so, then I will fulfill you.”
Then he snapped his fingers and snapped, and more than a dozen big men stood out and blocked the water surrounded by Lin Ziming.
Then after Tony gave an order, they attacked Lin Ziming together.
They simply didn’t have Lin Ziming in their eyes, thinking that Lin Ziming was at best a martial artist who had practiced some three-legged cat kung fu.
What they were more wary of was that Lin Ziming found a helper to come over and lay in ambush around, so just now when Lin Ziming said that they were going together, they didn’t go together.
Don’t think they are mixed with black tissue, but their brains are also very good, otherwise they will not be mixed.
It’s a pity that they really underestimated Lin Ziming this time, and they didn’t even know who they were facing. .
Lin Ziming shook his head. He didn’t have any surprises about this situation.
He is ready, this battle is to coax the biggest movement.
Otherwise, it will be too difficult to get Adam’s attention, he is already a little homesick.
So when they all rushed forward, he also started to take action.
With a bang, he slammed it out, directly collapsing his chest to the big man in the beautiful country who rushed to the first one, and at the same time his huge body flew out high.
It flew out 20 meters directly, and then fell heavily.
When he fell, there was already no movement, and he was beaten to death with a punch by Lin Ziming.
At the same time, Lin Ziming made continuous shots. He looked like he was walking in a leisurely courtyard. He was very relaxed, and he kept punching. In just over ten seconds, all these gangsters were beaten to death by Lin Ziming.
Yes, it was killed, and the method of death was extremely tragic!
Lin Ziming also didn’t have any act of hitting acupuncture points, he just relied on his own power to directly kill these gangsters.
This scene was extremely shocking to all the rest of the audience, making them all eyes wide, and they would not be able to react for a while.
Including that Tony, originally he was going to take out the cigar and smoke it, but now, the scene before him has completely dumbfounded him, the cigar hung to his mouth, and then fell off with a clatter.
Guru! !
He swallowed heavily, and now when he looked at Lin Ziming, he no longer had the contempt and disdain he had just now.
Especially when he saw that Lin Ziming was unscathed now, as if dozens of people had been killed just now, but when he did a trivial thing, his whole scalp was numb.
Now when he met Lin Ziming’s eyes, his pupils contracted, creating an unprecedented fear!

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