A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1958

This woman’s martial arts is very high, and she is a half-step master of the gods like him, almost able to get to the gods.
And most importantly, the other party’s age is also very young, definitely not more than forty years old.
This is a bit interesting.
He thought that the Sect Master of Nuwa Sect should be a figure of the same age as Her Royal Highness. He didn’t expect to be so young and would be a genius.
After a while, the Sect Master of Nuwazong walked up to Lin Ziming, leaned slightly, and said hello to Lin Ziming, “Tian Xuanzi has seen instructor Lin.”
When she spoke, Lin Ziming suddenly understood the poems that describe women’s beautiful voices in the ancients.
The Sect Master of Nuwa Sect in front of him, the voice is indeed the best among all the women he has heard.
Lin Ziming felt her kindness, nodded slightly, smiled in return, and said, “You are polite.”
Tianxuanzi looked at Lin Ziming and said, “Tianxuanzi has long admired the demeanor of Instructor Lin, and has always wanted to get to know Instructor Lin. A few days ago, Tianxuanzi had something to deal with. He couldn’t invite Instructor Lin personally, so he sent Qingcheng. When I came over, I thought Qingcheng was ignorant and neglected Instructor Lin, and asked Instructor Lin to forgive me.”
After she said something, she looked particularly decent with her nice voice, which made it difficult for Lin Ziming to refuse her.
Of course, Lin Ziming is not that easy to be fooled. He just smiled and said, “I don’t know why the lord is looking for me?”
Tian Xuanzi seemed to be slightly uncomfortable with Lin Ziming’s directness. She had always been confident in her charm, and there were few people who were unmoved by her charm.
Lin Ziming is one.
However, this also made her more interested in Lin Ziming.
She smiled softly and said, “Instructor Lin is quick to talk, and Tian Xuanzi doesn’t mean anything.”
Lin Ziming looked at her, wanting to hear her continue.
Tian Xuanzi paused and continued to speak, but what she said was a sentence that shocked Lin Ziming.
“Tian Xuanzi wanted to ask instructor Lin to have a spring breeze with me.”
Lin Ziming was immediately stunned when he heard these words.
what’s going on?
Is Tian Xuanzi teasing him!
At any rate, he is also a half-step master of the divine realm. If Tian Xuanzi dares to wash him like this, is he not afraid that he will become angry?
What did the spring breeze mean? How could Lin Ziming not understand? Is this inviting him to bed?
“Sect Master, are you entertaining me?”
There was no expression on Lin Ziming’s face, and he looked at her coldly.
However, Tian Xuanzi didn’t make a joke, but said seriously, “No, Instructor Lin, I didn’t make a joke with you. I know, I said this hastily, it is a kind of disrespect for you, but I Seriously.”
Lin Ziming really frowned. He could see that Tian Xuanzi was not joking, but between his eyebrows, there was some sadness and a small embarrassment…

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