A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1961

After a while, another large army came to the scene. Seeing this situation, each of them had an ugly expression on their faces.
This was a very bad murder. Although the dead were all criminals, they were human lives anyway.
The first white officer said in a deep voice, “Check it out! Find out who is so courageous and dare to be so rampant on the territory of my beautiful country!!”
“Yes, sir!!”
This matter quickly made the news and became a sensation.
After two days of investigation, the official of the beautiful country soon found out that this massacre was caused by a Chinese.
As a result, it makes them even more angry!
At the same time, in a grand and serious meeting, a high-ranking white man slapped the table heavily and yelled angrily: “It’s unreasonable! A Chinese dare to slaughter in my beautiful country. This damned Chinese must be arrested and brought to justice!”
And at the same time, many people also know about this.
However, for the person involved, Lin Ziming didn’t care at all, and at this time, he had already followed Tianxuanzi to the branch of Nuwazong in the beautiful country.
This is a relatively remote place, in a huge forest, built a luxurious manor, it looks very magnificent, and the style of construction is also very retro.
After Lin Ziming came in, he immediately felt the breath of a lot of strong people, and most of them were women, some young and beautiful beauties.
After Lin Ziming passed, all the female disciples of Wazong, not the young girl, came out to greet him.
I have to say that the disciples of Nuwazong are still very handsome, and there is no ordinary-looking person, all of which is heavenly and beautiful, and a few of them are extremely beautiful, and they just walk into the entertainment circle. , Are absolute goddess level.
Able to spread all over the country.
Seeing beautiful things is always pleasing to the eye.
“Instructor Lin, this is the branch of my Nuwazong in the beautiful country. It’s a bit crude and makes Instructor Lin laugh.” Tian Xuanzi said with a smile.
Lin Ziming shook his head and said, “The Sect Master is humble. Your branch is very luxurious and comparable to the royal family. It seems that the Nuwa Sect is very powerful. The Sect Master can become the Sect Master of the Nuwa Sect at such a young age. It’s admirable.”
Tian Xuanzi smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment from instructor Lin. Unfortunately, my Nuwa Sect is still too weak. In the martial world, it is always easy to be bullied. Among them, the Sun Moon God Sect is eyeing my Nuwa Sect and wants to annex my daughter. Wa Zong, alas…”
When she said these words, a sad expression appeared on her face, which made people look at it with a kind of protection.
Lin Ziming moved his eyes lightly, pretending not to see.
Next, he generously followed Tianxuanzi into the Nuwa Sect, and under the attention of these many female disciples, he became the existence of Zhongxing Pengyue.
However, his appearance can only be regarded as half, and these disciples of Nuwazong, one by one, the picture is still somewhat contrary to harmony.
“Wow, is this the strong newcomer on the list of immortals? Looks so young, younger than Lord Shangguan.”
“Yeah, I heard that he is only in his early thirties. He is an absolute genius! It’s really not a person to look like.”
“According to his ranking on the Seal of Immortals, isn’t that better than Lord Shangguan?”

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