A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1963

So they can only pin their hopes on Lin Ziming.
For them, Lin Ziming is the best choice.
Once Lin Ziming’s strength is strong enough, and the general trend of China is still condensed in him, as long as he does not die in the future, he can definitely become a super strong.
The second one is that Lin Ziming is ambitious, and he is not a member of the martial art world. Even if he wins over Lin Ziming, Nuwa Sect will not be annexed.
Originally, they thought that as long as the suzerain personally made a request for double cultivation, as long as it was a normal man, they would definitely not refuse.
But Lin Ziming’s reaction greatly exceeded their expectations.
When they learned from Tian Xuanzi that Lin Ziming had rejected it altogether, they were all stunned, thinking this was impossible.
In this world, how could anyone refuse the charm of Tianxuanzi!
You know, Tianxuanzi is a famous beauty in the world of martial arts, even among the four martial arts, how many people can catch up with Tianxuanzi in terms of appearance!
So their first reaction was that Lin Ziming was definitely not a normal man, because only a man who was not a normal man and had a sexual orientation would reject Tian Xuanzi!
Liu Qingcheng was the first to say, “Sect Master, this guy must be an eunuch! He would refuse your double repair request!?”
Her expression was very shocked. If she proposed it and was rejected by Lin Ziming, then it would be fine, it would be normal. After all, her charming technique and appearance are still inferior to Tian Xuanzi in all aspects.
However, this is an invitation from Tian Xuanzi, as long as it is a normal man, he will agree without hesitation!
The other female disciples also spoke one after another.
“Yeah, Sovereign, will you make a mistake? This guy is not a man. There is a problem with sexual orientation.”
“I heard that in their secular world, there are many men with abnormal sexual orientation. They like to be with the same sex. It’s disgusting. I think Lin Ziming should be such a person.”
“Sure, I didn’t think he looked masculine, but he was actually a comrade, kind of disgusting.”
“Anyone who rejects the suzerain, what else can he be if he is not a comrade?”
“In this case, what should our Nuwazong do? Is it really going to send ten sisters to the Sun Moon God Sect to ravage the beasts!”
“Oh…The strength of Lord Shangguan is not as strong as Ashura, and there is no breakthrough to the realm of the gods. We have no way to resist the Sun Moon God Cult.”
As they said, all of them were uncomfortable and full of fear.
Tian Xuanzi shook his head at this time and said, “Lin Ziming is not a comrade. He is different from other men. His will is very firm. He is very loyal to his wife and says he doesn’t want to betray his wife.”
Hearing these words, the others were stunned for a moment, obviously they didn’t expect that there really were such men in the world.
Liu Qingcheng bit his lip and said, “Sect Master, what should we do? There are still three days left, and the Sun Moon God Sect will send people over. What will we do to deal with them?”
Some miserable flashes flashed in Tian Xuanzi’s eyes, but her eyes soon became firm again, and said, “It is enough for our Nuwa Sect to be bullied by the Sun Moon God Sect! This time we will not sacrifice our disciples again! We should Resist, and would rather break the jade than the complete piece.”
Resolute appeared in her eyes, infected other female disciples, and nodded one after another, saying that she couldn’t bear it anymore, and wanted to fight the Sun Moon God Sect.
Soon, Tian Xuanzi ordered again, “Summon Shangguan Rufeng back.”

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