A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1967

When Lin Ziming started, he immediately felt that Tian Xuanzi’s slender waist and the hand felt very good. It was the best figure of all the women he had experienced before.
This is also normal, after all, Tian Xuanzi is a half-step master of the gods, and his body shape is different from ordinary people.
However, he also immediately felt that after Tian Xuanzi received this palm, he suffered a serious injury, and his aura became much weaker.
“Senior Sister!!”
When Shangguan Rufeng saw that his palm had actually hit Tian Xuanzi, he suddenly screamed out in a panic, and at the same time rushed towards Lin Ziming quickly, trying to snatch Tian Xuanzi from Lin Ziming’s hands.
A cold light flashed in Lin Ziming’s eyes. He had been holding back the opponent just now, and didn’t think about defeating the opponent and saving face, but the opponent was not only appreciative at all, but also wanted to kill him, even the clay figurines were three points angry !
For Lin Ziming’s character, he naturally couldn’t stand it. He snorted coldly at the moment. Faced with Shangguan Rufeng’s offensive, he stopped being merciful this time. Instead, he held Tianxuanzi with one hand, and then The right fist blasted out.
With a bang, the speed was so fast that even the air was defeated by Lin Ziming’s punch.
Of course, speed is only a trivial matter. The most important thing is that the power of Lin Ziming’s punch has condensed ten percent of his skill, and the power is huge.
He was already angry and decided to teach Shangguan Rufeng a severe lesson!
Shangguan Rufeng frowned. Facing Lin Ziming’s punch, he immediately felt an unprecedented pressure, knowing that Lin Ziming’s punch was powerful!
In an instant, his breath was held, the muscles of his whole body were tightened to the extreme, and then he exhausted his whole body’s strength and condensed on his right hand, trying to fight Lin Ziming hard.
Although he could feel that Lin Ziming’s punch was so powerful, he was not afraid, and even had a thought that he wanted to compete with Lin Ziming.
He has absolute confidence in himself, and he doesn’t believe that he can’t fight Lin Ziming!
In an instant, his fists slammed into Lin Ziming’s iron fists.
And then, as if sparks hit the earth, Lin Ziming only took two steps back, then stopped, and the ground under his feet was completely cracked.
Because Lin Ziming was holding Tianxuanzi, he was already standing on the edge of the cliff. As a result, the ground under his feet split and broke directly, and both of them fell towards the cliff.
Tian Xuanzi raised his whole heart.
But at this moment, Lin Ziming didn’t feel any panic. He saw his feet kicked, and the big rock under his feet that had fallen quickly exploded. Lin Ziming continued this reaction force and took Tian Xuanzi up into the sky, standing steadily on the ground.
This series of actions sat down and flowed smoothly, which can be said to be extremely beautiful.
At the same time, on Shangguan Rufeng’s side, after he fought with Lin Ziming, he was not Lin Ziming’s opponent at all.
There was an invisible destructive force that spread to his body along his right fist, and this destructive force was extremely strong, tearing his sleeves and tearing his muscles!

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