A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1973

Tianxuanzi slammed it out.
Now her face was frosty, full of majesty, where she still looked easy-going and charming.
When she became dignified, these female disciples still feared her very much, and immediately did not dare to speak.
Then Tian Xuanzi continued: “This is an order, I’m not discussing it with you.”
When everyone heard her words, their bodies shook and panicked extremely.
“Sect Master, you can’t do this, and we absolutely can’t do something to abandon you…”
“Yes, Sect Master, if you want to leave, you will go with us. If you stay, you will be tortured to death by the beasts of the Sun Moon God Sect!”
“Sect Master, you gave me this life, I definitely can’t abandon you and leave…”
Many of them shed tears anxiously, and they also expressed their opinions that they will not abandon the Tianxuanzi, and want to live and die with Tianxuanzi.
I have to say that the little Nuwazong has such cohesion, and all of them are female generations, which surprised and admired Lin Ziming.
Tian Xuanzi was also deeply moved. Her eyes began to redden, and her eyes flickered with pain and emotion, but she still said firmly, “Get out! Get out of here! Don’t cry here, how decent you are. , The faces of our Nuwazong were all lost by you!!!”
After speaking, she turned around and wiped her tears secretly.
It’s just that her attempt to cover up, how can she deceive other people, this makes other people even more reluctant to leave.
Shangguan Rufeng stepped forward and said firmly, “Senior Sister, I will not go! You saved my life. If you were not there, I would have died long ago. Now I want me to abandon you. , I’m sorry, I can’t do it!”
He said loudly and seriously, not as if he was joking.
The other female disciples also expressed their opinions one after another, wanting to coexist and die with Tianxuanzi.
Tian Xuanzi bit her lip tightly, and she felt even more tormented and uncomfortable in her heart.
However, no matter how difficult it is, she has to make a decision!
She took a deep breath, and then her eyes were resolute and angrily said, “You still have my Sect Master in your heart! Ah? I ask you, should I be your Sect Master?!”
When she said these words, she was extremely majestic and solemn, and she could see that she was serious, which made others feel awe-inspiring at once.
Then, she said, “I will tell you one last time, this is an order, not a discussion! Now, you will get out of me immediately, otherwise, you will no longer be my disciples of the Nuwa Sect and you will be removed from my name!! !”
The audience was silent.
No one speaks.
Everyone can see that Tian Xuanzi is serious, she is not joking.
Moreover, everyone also knows the character of Tianxuanzi, once a decision is made, then none of the nine cows can be brought back.

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