A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1975

Hearing this sentence, all of them were shocked, and all of them were shocked at once.
But isn’t it? For Nuwa Sect, the Sun Moon God Sect is their natural enemy!
Over the years, they have rarely been bullied. If someone from the Sun Moon God Cult came, they would not be able to escape.
But apart from Lin Ziming, none of them felt any trace of the Sun Moon God Cult. Tian Xuanzi’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his scalp was a little numb, “What? The people of the Sun Moon God Cult came? Where? !”
Even Shangguan Rufeng didn’t feel the aura of the Sun Moon God Sect. He frowned and looked at Lin Ziming, wondering if Lin Ziming deliberately frightened them, making them mysterious.
After all, according to the agreed time, the Sun Moon God Sect will only come to trouble them after a few days.
Now it’s so good, how can it be advanced.
Lin Ziming didn’t answer, but looked deeply in a direction ahead, and continued to say in a deep voice: “Asura is also here, you can’t run away, prepare to meet the enemy.”
When everyone heard this sentence, they became even more nervous and panicked. If the Asura of the Sun Moon God Sect came over, then they really had no chance to escape! ! !
“A bunch of nonsense, Sun Moon God Sect…”
Shangguan Rufeng still didn’t feel the breath of Asura. Just when he spoke to retort Lin Ziming, suddenly, in his sight, he saw a black, tall figure, from the other side of the mountain, very fast The speed comes from Pentium.
This is impressively Micro Asura!
In an instant, his pupils contracted and his breathing was suffocated.
It was really Ashura, and at the same time, he finally felt the horrible aura of Ashura’s turbulent waves and the cracking of the earth.
Moreover, in addition to Asura, there were hundreds of figures behind him, all of whom were followers of the Sun Moon God Sect, and all of them were masters of the innate realm with extremely high realm! !
This battle can kill Nuwazong more than three times.
Seeing this scene, even if he was a very proud person, he couldn’t help but feel terrified, and his body was trembling.
Sun Moon God Sect, that is the sworn enemy of Nu Wa Sect, especially the leader of Sun Moon God Sect, Asura, a master of the pinnacle of the God Realm, can be said to be their nightmare!
No matter how confident Shangguan Rufeng was, he didn’t think he was capable of defeating Ashura.
It can even be said that as long as Ashura personally appears, he doesn’t even have the ability to escape.
He was terrified, and he really began to fear. In his eyes, he seemed to have seen death and the destruction of the entire Nuwa Sect!
Except for him, the other female disciples were even more frightened, and each of them turned pale and frightened to the extreme.
“Sun Moon God Sect, really Sun Moon God Sect…”
“It’s over, we must be over this time, they have come so many people, they are here to destroy the Nuwa Sect!”
“Even Ashura has come in person, and we will definitely not be able to escape this time.”
“I don’t want to be a plaything of the Sun Moon God Sect, I don’t want to die…”
“What to do, who can come to save us, oooooo…”
At this moment, all of them were in a mess, and there was already a little blood on their faces.
Among them, Liu Qingcheng’s performance was slightly better, and she didn’t cry, but the fear and despair in her eyes couldn’t be concealed.

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