A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1976

She clenched her fists, feeling desolate, thinking that she must be dead this time.
Asura is a master of the gods, and their entire Nuwa sect, there are no masters of the gods, the most powerful are Tianxuanzi and Shangguan Rufeng.
But Sect Master heard that Tian Xuanzi was injured now, and he couldn’t show half of his strength, and Shangguan Rufeng didn’t even squeeze in the immortal ranking list, it was impossible to be Ashura’s opponent.
Not to mention, behind Asura, there are so many Innate Realm masters!
It can be seen that most of the elites of Sun Moon God Sect were dispatched to annex Nuwa Sect.
And once they are captured by the Sun Moon God Sect, what awaits them is that life is better than death.
How can they not be afraid, how can they not be afraid?
At this moment, Tian Xuanzi’s body was swaying, she had already seen it completely, this time Asura personally sent out, is to wipe out the Nuwa Sect, so that Nu Wa Sect completely became a subsidiary of the Sun Moon God Sect.
In this way, she would never accept this fact.
She shook her body, spurted a mouthful of blood, faltered, and closed her eyes in despair, “God, is it really going to kill my Nuwazong? I’m unwilling, I’m unwilling!!”
Lin Ziming also sighed on the side. He also didn’t expect that this kind of thing would really be a wave of autumn.
At this time, if you let him die without saving, he really can’t do it.
“Escape, run away quickly!!!”
Tian Xuanzi reacted immediately, shouting hysterically.
The others finally reacted, turned around and ran away, dispersing as birds and beasts.
Shangguan Rufeng bit his lip tightly. Although he was very scared, he didn’t run away. Instead, he stood beside Tianxuanzi and wanted to fight side by side with Tianxuanzi.
His approach has made Lin Ziming a lot more fond of him.
“Want to run? Can you run?”
However, as soon as these female disciples ran out, Ashura’s tall figure had already arrived. He snorted coldly when he saw this, his face was full of disdain.
Then, he made a gesture, and immediately, many followers of the Sun Moon God Sect came out from all directions, and drove these female disciples back who were about to escape.
The followers of the Sun Moon God Sect all showed malicious smirks on their faces, looking straight at them, as if they were naked lambs, the meat on the chopping board.
Those female disciples were even more desperate when they saw this scene.
“Hey, it is said that all the disciples of Nüwazong are good-looking, and the country is beautiful, it seems that they are true now.”
“Tsk tusk tusk tusk, these are all beauties! I heard that the disciple of Nuwa Sect is very good at Meishu, if it is on the bed, it must be delicious…”
“I have been holding back for a long time, this time I want to open the meat well, hahahaha…”
“These two belong to me, none of you can snatch me!”
Green light appeared in their eyes one by one, and they made no secret of their coveting and coveting of these female disciples.
Indeed, there are no ugly women in Nuwa Sect, all of them are big beauties with high looks, especially they all have practiced charm skills, and they have excellent temperament, which is a great temptation for men.
It is conceivable that once they fall into the hands of these people, what will happen to them.

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