A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1977

Tian Xuanzi is the Sect Master after all, she has her responsibility, took a deep breath, stood up, and said to Asura, “Master Asura, may I ask you to come to Nuwazong so aggressively, what is the so-called?”
I have to say that Tian Xuanzi is still very responsible, and she can still maintain her composure at this time. If it weren’t for someone with sharp eyesight, she wouldn’t be able to see her current anger and tension.
Asura did not speak immediately, but with an unkind smile on his face, he walked towards Tianxuanzi step by step.
He is very tall and tall, close to two meters, and the image given to people is also very scary, just like a devil crawling out of hell, and the whole person exudes a frightening atmosphere.
Especially the smile on his face is even more frightening.
“Tian Xuanzi, you are pretending to look alike.” Asura said with a smile, making people feel scared.
Especially in line with his current temperament, Tian Xuanzi couldn’t help but become jealous and fearful, and swallowed, if she hadn’t been strong enough in her will, she would have shown timidity now.
Tian Xuanzi frowned and said, “Master Asura, I don’t understand what you mean.”
The smile on Ashura’s face became even more meaningful, and he walked forward, approaching Tian Xuanzi, and staring at Tian Xuanzi closely. The covetousness and greed in his eyes were not concealed at all, as if It was like swallowing Tianxuanzi into his stomach.
Especially his gaze, looking at Tian Xuanzi’s body, this made Tian Xuanzi feel that he was going to be seen through. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable.
Shangguan Rufeng couldn’t help it anymore. He stood up and stood in front of Xuanzang. He stared at Asura with hostility, and said unceremoniously, “Stop! Asura what do you want to do?!”
Asura then turned his gaze on Shangguan Rufeng, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, showing a disdainful expression, and said, “You are the only male disciple of Nuwazong, that so-called genius?”
Shangguan Rufeng straightened his waist, his face was full of arrogance, and said, “It’s right here!”
But then, Ashura’s words immediately made him feel uncomfortable, “I don’t think so is a shit genius.”
“You!!” Shangguan Rufeng was angered instantly, opened his eyes wide, and stared at Asura very uncomfortably, clenching his fists, like an irritated kitten.
However, his anger could not scare Asura at all, but made Asura even more disdain, “Go away.”
Shangguan Rufeng wanted to take action, but was immediately stopped by Tian Xuanzi, and then she stepped forward and said to Ashura, “According to the agreement, there are still three days before we give you a tribute woman. What are you doing now?”
Asura laughed, “I’m sorry, I’m ahead of schedule, now I want your Nuwa Sect to pay tribute, and I don’t just want ten female disciples this time. I want your entire Nüwa Sect, and you, the Sect Master.
After speaking, Asura showed a squinting smile, and stretched out his hand to pick Tianxuanzi’s chin, full of molesting.
His words immediately changed Tian Xuanzi’s expression!
The thing that worries her the most still happened. Sure enough, Asura came to the entire Nuwa Sect this time!
Shangguan Rufeng was immediately angered. He stared, furious, and cursed with anger, “Don’t think about it! Our Nuwa Sect cannot be an affiliate of your Sun Moon God Sect!”
The other female disciples of Nüwazong were also angry.
But Asura didn’t take it seriously, he just sneered disdainfully, and then said, “I’m not asking for your opinions, I’m just telling you.”
What he said was very plain, but the kind of domineering revealed in his tone couldn’t be refuted at all.

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