A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1979

Tian Xuanzi also shed tears when she saw him like this, and she was very painful. As the Sect Master of Nuwa Sect, she couldn’t hold Nüwa Sect. This was the most painful thing in her life for her.
However, she still smiled and said softly to Shangguan Rufeng, “Junior Brother, you have done enough, so let’s leave the rest to Senior Sister.”
Shangguan was stunned like the wind, as if he couldn’t think of what else could Tianxuanzi take out to protect Nuwazong at this time.
Tian Xuanzi did not continue to pay attention to Shangguan Rufeng, but stood up, took a deep breath, and said to Asura, “Asura, you just want me. Okay, I promise you now that I am willing to be your woman. Become your plaything, leave it to your disposal, but you have to let go of these disciples of my Nuwazong, they are all innocent.”
After saying these words, there was already any hope on Tianxuanzi’s face, and the whole person was in a state of dead gray, as if her soul disappeared with her words, and now she is left. It’s just a body.
But for other disciples of Nuwazong, it was unacceptable.
“Sect Master! What are you doing?!”
“Sect Master, we can’t abandon you, even if we die, we must die together!”
“Yes! We don’t need to let the Sun Moon Gods succeed. Even if we die, we have to pull them back.”
“Rather Stick to your guns!”
“We will guard everything in Nuwazong!!!”
All the female disciples were generous and enthusiastic, and directly took out their weapons to fight to the death with the Sun Moon God Church, even if they were tragically killed, they would not hesitate.
Two groups of flames were burning in Shangguan Rufeng’s eyes. He had no extra nonsense, so he stood up silently and fought side by side with Tianxuanzi!
I have to say that although Nuwazong’s strength is not good, there is not even a master of the gods, and most of them are still women.
However, their courage, courage, and strength of character are still very admirable.
Tian Xuanzi’s body trembled slightly, and he was cruel, staring at them fiercely and cursing, “Shut up, you guys! How far are you going now!!!”
Tian Xuanzi said coldly again, “I’m not kidding, you all get out of here! Get out!!!”
After saying this, she could no longer remain calm, her eyes flushed, and tears flowed out.
For everyone in the other Nuwa sects, isn’t it a great pain?
However, they also saw that Tianxuanzi was not joking, and from a rational point of view, Tianxuanzi’s approach was the most correct. If they could sacrifice Tianxuanzi alone to protect them, it could be said that it would be the best choice.
If they stay, they all have to become the playthings of the Sun Moon God Sect, and life is better than death.
Keep the green hills without worrying about firewood.
They still understand this truth.
However, for them to really abandon the Tianxuanzi, and to live forever, this kind of pain is beyond them for them.
Next, Tian Xuanzi said to Asura again, “Asura, please let them go, these poor people, I am willing to serve you as the master!”

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