A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1982

Asura said these words, it was as if the thunder in the sky had fallen to the ground, and the voice was rumbling, very terrifying, with endless majesty and intimidation, which made all the disciples of Nuwazong who were present were frightened. His face was pale and his chest was stuffy.
Indeed, for them, the masters of the God-passing Realm are too strong, and they are no longer human beings on the same level.
Even Shangguan Rufeng felt the tremendous pressure.
Only Lin Ziming was very calm from beginning to end, with a faint smile on his face, and he was not affected by Ashura at all.
Lin Ziming showed a playful smile and said, “Don’t you know me? I’m an old acquaintance of your sacred church.”
Saying this made Ashura a bit confused by the second monk, because he hadn’t seen Lin Ziming before, so he didn’t recognize Lin Ziming for a while.
Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, he was very surprised, and his brain was searching frantically. Who did he offend?
But no matter what he thought, he couldn’t remember it for a moment.
He didn’t even think about Lin Ziming at all, because in his opinion, Lin Ziming at this time must have escaped like a dog in the family!
After all, Lin Ziming is only a half-step master of the God Realm, and he is a strong master of the God Realm, how dare Lin Ziming appear in front of him swaggeringly? Isn’t this looking for death?
However, for everyone in Nuwazong who knew Lin Ziming’s identity, they couldn’t help but sweat for Lin Ziming.
I thought that this Lin Ziming was too courageous, knowing that Ashura was looking for him everywhere, he even dared to appear in front of Ashura and dare to be so arrogant!
In fact, they hadn’t noticed that Lin Ziming was still there just now, thinking that Lin Ziming must have run away, so now they saw Lin Ziming reappear and were surprised.
But anyway, they are still very grateful to Lin Ziming.
After all, as an outsider, Lin Ziming has nothing to do with Nuwazong, but he is willing to stand up at this juncture and speak for them. This is not something ordinary people can do.
But even so, they didn’t think Lin Ziming was capable of saving them.
It’s not that they are too pessimistic, nor that they think Lin Ziming is weak, but that Ashura is too strong!
Moreover, Asura is still a master of the realm of gods, and Lin Ziming is just a master of the realm of gods half-step. In their cognition, the masters of the realm of gods are definitely a qualitative leap compared to the innate realm. Can’t be compared.
The gap in it is even greater than the gap between ordinary people and innate realm powerhouses!
This is already common sense.
Shangguan Rufeng also shook his head. He thought Lin Ziming was too reckless. As an outsider, he should run away when he found nothing in Ashura just now.
He is also a master of Half-Step Divine Realm, and just now he fought with Asura, but he is very clear that Ashura’s strength is far from what Lin Ziming can fight against a half-step Divine Realm master!
However, at this moment, behind Ashura, there were a few who stared at Lin Ziming closely, and then they seemed to recognize them, their expressions were extremely wonderful, and they blurted out, shouting out with great excitement, “Lin Ziming!! Guru, this It’s Lin Ziming!!! The one who killed our three saints and many masters on Green Island!!!”
“It’s this guy, I can recognize him, even if he turns to ashes, I still remember him!!!”
“Lin Ziming, this beast actually dared to appear in front of us. He clearly didn’t put us in his eyes!!!”
Asura heard the words of several of his subordinates, his face suddenly changed, and three words popped out of his teeth, “Lin! Zi! Ming!!!”

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