A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1987

Hearing this, all the Nuwa Sect members were very anxious, thinking that Lin Ziming had a bad mind. Since Ashura had misunderstood his identity, why should he be so honest?
This is very stupid!
Everything is anxious to death, and now everyone has their heart up and is extremely worried.
Asura stared at Lin Ziming stubbornly, and he didn’t immediately make a move. From his eyes, he could see that he was very jealous of Lin Ziming.
Through the fight just now, he already felt that Lin Ziming’s strength was not inferior to him.
The most important thing is that Lin Ziming is only a half-step master of the God Realm, not a master of the God Realm. What does this mean? It shows that Lin Ziming is a super genius, at least the same level as King Xiaoyao, Bu Jingyun, and Sakyamuni. Anything else!
To be honest, Ashura is still very jealous of this kind of super talent. It is not that he can’t beat it, but the person who can cultivate this kind of super talent is definitely not the power of one person. It is conceivable that behind Lin Ziming, There must be a super huge power.
In this way, he had to guard against it.
So after thinking about it for a few seconds, he said in a deep voice, “Lin Ziming, you are very strong, and I underestimate you. Today is the grievance between my Sun Moon God Sect and Nuwa Sect, you Don’t interfere, leave immediately, I can let you go!”
He said that he had already given Lin Ziming and himself down the steps. As long as Lin Ziming was not the one who actively sought death, he would choose to leave without getting into the muddy water.
When the other Nuwazong members heard this, they became more nervous and sweated in their hearts.
According to the current situation, they could all see that Lin Ziming’s strength was so strong that he was able to compete with Ashura, and Ashura also became jealous of Lin Ziming. In other words, Lin Ziming is the only existence that can save their Nuwazong.
If Lin Ziming abandons them and chooses to leave, then their Nuwa Sect will really be over!
So they didn’t have a way to stay calm, all of them were extremely nervous, staring at Lin Ziming closely.
Including Tian Xuanzi, now she also clenched her fists and stared at Lin Ziming, while praying in her heart. Lin Ziming must not abandon them and leave. This is their Nuwazong’s only hope. .
Even if Nüwazong respected Lin Ziming, it would be no hesitate.
In comparison, Nüwazong fell in the hands of Lin Ziming, much better than fell in the hands of Asura! !
Shangguan Rufeng was very unwilling and dissatisfied, but now that he has to admit that Lin Ziming is much better than him when he goes there. With the strength of half a step through the gods, he can compete with Ashura. , This has been called a super arrogant.
Compared with him, he is still a lot worse.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Lin Ziming, waiting for his answer.
At this moment, Lin Ziming showed a smile again, “Asura, you can really bear it, I killed so many followers of you, you don’t want to take revenge? I think you are nothing more than that, hahaha.”
When this sentence falls, everyone knows that it’s awful, Lin Ziming is adding fuel to the fire, isn’t it just looking for death!
Sure enough, Ashura’s face instantly darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it was still capable of dripping water, which was extremely cruel and cruel.
Even the clay figurines have three points of anger, Ashura is not a good-tempered person, he chose to avoid fighting because of Lin Ziming’s role as a super talent.
As a result, Lin Ziming didn’t give him any face. If he could bear it, where would he put the dignified Sun Moon God Sect leader? If it is spread out, he will completely become a laughing stock, and even his followers will despise him from the bottom of my heart.

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