A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1988

“Since you are so anxious to die, then this seat will fulfill you!!!”
Asura was completely angry, his voice spread faster than his figure, and the voice came out before his figure arrived in front of Lin Ziming.
This time, his attack was stronger and more domineering than before! !
He has decided, no matter what Lin Ziming’s background is, even if it is the King of Xiaoyao, he will have to kill Lin Ziming today, otherwise, where else will he put his face? !
And Lin Ziming instantly felt the murderous intent and power of Asura, causing his muscles, cells, and blood to boil.
At the same time, his spirit has also improved to a high point.
He knew that this was Ashura’s full blow, and he must not underestimate the enemy.
Almost in an instant, he had already reacted and faced Ashura.
It can be said that Ashura is the most powerful opponent he has encountered since his debut!
Asura’s strength is even stronger than that of the Queen of the Eagle Dog Kingdom.
Moreover, because Asura is a male, he is also younger and more vigorous, making him a step higher than the strength of Her Royal Highness.
It is this kind of opponent that can even more stimulate Lin Ziming’s nerves, making his whole person boil, and his fighting spirit is surging! !
You know, before he fought with Her Royal Highness, it was only a point-to-point, and it could only be regarded as a discussion, and it was not very helpful to him.
And now with Asura, it was a life-and-death fight, not a concept at all.
Bang bang bang…
Lin Ziming immediately confronted Ashura, and all kinds of huge movements resounded through the audience.
The ground under their feet seemed to be cracked apart, unable to withstand the bombardment of their two masters. All kinds of mud and stones were flying everywhere, like a constant bomb exploding, which was very terrifying.
After seeing this, everyone present felt scared from the bottom of their hearts.
They retreated one after another, for fear of harming the pond fish.
Shangguan Rufeng watched this scene, he was stunned, his heart was very complicated, his face showed a bitter smile, and he muttered to himself, “This is Tianjiao, this is Tianjiao… actually… I was able to equalize with Asura, but I was still arrogant and arrogant, thinking that I could agree to Lin Ziming. It turns out that Lin Ziming had never put himself in his eyes, alas…”
Shangguan Rufeng at this moment is indeed very disappointing and uncomfortable.
He was originally dissatisfied with Lin Ziming’s sudden birth and preempted his ranking, thinking that Lin Ziming’s ranking must be very illusory and could not be his opponent.
But as a result, Lin Ziming’s strength is far above him.
Including the fight with Lin Ziming just now, Lin Ziming also let him everywhere, and did not put him in his eyes, which was a huge blow to the always proud Shangguan Rufeng.

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